15 Years of Transformative Community Work by Canadians and Food For The Poor Canada

Addressing Food Security, Education, Housing, Healthcare and Livelihood Needs to Help Families in the Caribbean and Latin America Thrive

TORONTO, Nov. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Food For The Poor Canada is committed to fostering international relief and sustainable development in underserved communities alongside well-established organizations in Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, and Honduras. Under the leadership of Founder and Executive Director, Samantha Mahfood, and together with dedicated donors, staff and the Board of Directors, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families have improved access to their basic needs and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. With steady growth over the last 15 years, Food For The Poor Canada has transformed communities and outcomes for families in the following ways and more:

  • 39 new schools create a positive learning environment for 2,500 additional children each year
  • 191 homes provide families with a safe and stable space to grow and raise their children
  • Over 25 million meals have been distributed to meet the increasing need for school lunch programs, and provided orphanages, homes for the elderly and entire communities with urgently needed food to address hunger
  • $44 million in medicines and medical supplies has provided critical relief to understocked hospitals and clinics to quickly and effectively address the healthcare needs of communities

Additionally, generous funding from Canadian donors has made it possible to revitalize a community in Honduras with a resource centre, a women’s income-generation centre, health clinic, greenhouses, and livelihood projects including coffee farming, beekeeping, chicken farming, women’s empowerment training, the training of commercial truck drivers, and more. These investments will help families thrive today and in the future.

At the recent annual Thanksgiving Lunch, Food For The Poor Canada’s founder, Samantha Mahfood, gave thanks for an incredibly impactful 15 years.

“When we build a clinic we provide access to life-saving medical care. When we feed a child we help them stay focused in school. When we equip people with the skills they need to earn an income, we uplift an entire family and give stability to an entire community. Thank you to all of our dedicated donors and partners who have helped transform the lives of so many.”

To celebrate Food For The Poor Canada’s legacy as Samantha Mahfood retires, we are asking our loyal supporters to help build 15 homes, each one representing a year of Samantha Mahfood’s work with Food For The Poor Canada. You can help create lasting change for a family by donating at https://foodforthepoor.ca/about-us/building-a-strong-legacy/

About Food For The Poor Canada

Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) empowers communities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through five areas of investment: food, health, housing, education, and income-generating projects.

FFPC responds to urgent needs while building community and social infrastructure. FFPC utilizes the pre-existing networks of local affiliated organizations to better sustain and grow the communities they serve. Through trusted partners, FFPC has strengthened its emergency preparedness and responds effectively to emergencies and natural disasters when they occur.

Over the last 15 years, FFPC and its donors have built 191 homes, 39 schools, as well as shipped and distributed $44,000,000 in food, and educational and medical supplies to communities in LAC.

For interviews or more information, contact:
Samantha Mahfood
Founder, Food For The Poor Canada
(416) 921-4008

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Photo of FFPC founder Samantha Mahfood and guests at the annual Thanksgiving Lunch October 1 2023