After a Nationwide Vote, The Habit Burger Grill Finally Settles the Santa Barbara Char Debate: It's a Burger!

Burger or Sandwich? The popular menu item's identity crisis has finally been resolved by a public vote

GLENDALE, Calif., Nov. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After weeks of fierce debate and a nationwide public vote, The Habit Burger Grill proudly announces that the Santa Barbara Char has been definitively recognized as a burger. The debate began when renowned burger influencer @SamBurgerRodriguez challenged its identity, sparking a passionate "Team Sandwich" campaign led by Habit Truck Manager Kassandra McCalister. Fans from all corners of the nation, from California to Florida to New Jersey, eagerly cast their votes, and their collective voice has finally settled the matter.

The verdict was unveiled during a live event at the Glendale restaurant in Los Angeles, hosted by the popular radio duo Booker & Stryker of iHeart Radio. As the curtain fell from the restaurant’s menu board, revealing the official rechristening of the Santa Barbara Char as "The Santa Barbara Charburger," the atmosphere was filled with jubilation from fans proudly wearing “Team Burger” shirts and cries of anguish from those wearing “Team Sandwich” shirts.

“Finally, after 10 years of being in menu purgatory, our Santa Barbara Char has found its forever home in our burger category.” Jack Hinchliffe, Chief Marketing Officer of The Habit Burger Grill announced. “After an overwhelming turnout in our nationwide vote, the people have spoken. So, with this decision, The Habit Burger Grill is proud to declare the Santa Barbara Char is now officially, the Santa Barbara Charburger!”

To commemorate the Santa Barbara Charburger's journey to the burger menu, The Habit Burger Grill is excited to announce an upcoming documentary that will spotlight the remarkable journey, the nationwide vote, as well as McCalister's grassroots efforts. The documentary will provide an intimate look at the debate, the dedication, and the final decision that cements the Santa Barbara Char's place in The Habit Burger Grill's burger lineup. The Habit Burger Grill expresses profound gratitude for the enthusiasm and passion exhibited by fans and customers, which has been documented via social media, as well as featured on Good Day L.A. as well as iHeart Radio.

“We eagerly anticipate continuing to serve our beloved Santa Barbara Char as The Santa Barbara Charburger, with the same obsessive commitment to quality and flavor that our loyal guests have come to expect,” Hinchliffe added.

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