New Report: How to Leverage the Inflation Reduction Act: Special Building Industry Edition

Green Builder Media presents a downloadable, practical guide to leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act for members of the home building industry.

Lake City, Colo., Nov. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Builders are bullish about the Inflation Reduction Act. According to a recent Cognition Smart Data survey, 63 percent of respondents plan to apply for funding for their upcoming building projects. Learn more about how the IRA is being leveraged by members of the building industry in Green Builder Media's new report: Leveraging the IRA: Special Building Industry Edition.

"Builder use of IRA funding is exciting because it means more efficiency upgrades—like high-performance windows, insulation, and tighter building envelope systems—will be used in today's new homes," says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. 

The book includes: 

  • Understanding how IRA goals align with the business goals of builders.
  • Specific tax breaks that apply to building companies along with eligibility requirements. 
  • Resources that can help you apply for funding efficiently.
  • Application best practices.
  • Statistics from a 2023 COGNITION Smart Data survey that shows how building indsutry members plan to use IRA funding.  
  • Information on green lending options.

Download your free copy today! 

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Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act

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