NGen Launches New Moonshot for Mining, Minerals and Manufacturing Program

With support from Canadian Space Agency (CSA), NGen to fund industry-led projects with focus on mining, minerals and manufacturing for lunar and terrestrial applications

HAMILTON, Ontario, Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) has launched its Moonshot 4 Mining, Minerals and Manufacturing (M4M3) initiative, a $5.5M program designed to support the development of novel In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions for mining, minerals and manufacturing for both lunar and terrestrial environments. NGen is seeking projects with dual-use applications that will strengthen Canada’s technological leadership in space and help revitalize the long-term competitiveness of our most important industrial sectors.

The M4M3 program will lead to next-generation innovations that help tackle the challenges of establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon, leveraging Canada’s strengths in fields like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, quantum sensing, and additive manufacturing that can then be re-applied back on earth. These innovations will have direct and positive impacts on environmental sustainability, productivity, talent and job creation in Canada’s mining, energy, and advanced manufacturing sectors. To learn more about this opportunity, read the report from NGen and the Canadian Space Mining Corporation: In Situ Resource Utilization: A Generational Opportunity for Canadians.

This initiative is undertaken with the financial support of the CSA, following an Announcement of opportunity. NGen’s call for projects will support ISRU solutions and commercialization in the following areas:

Mining: Advanced manufacturing prototypes of novel geochemical sensing to improve mineral analysis and advanced manufacturing prototypes of novel mining extraction processing lines. 

Critical Minerals: Compact geochemical sensors for critical minerals or rare earth element identification and prototype applications that can ideally be dual purpose, ISRU first and earth application second. 

Manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing prototypes of tools and equipment that could support lunar ISRU.

“NGen wants to draw on Canada’s expertise in space and advanced manufacturing technologies to build world-leading solutions for lunar resource development while contributing to the competitiveness of Canada’s critical manufacturing and mining sectors. New solutions are needed for these dual-purpose applications that promise to put Canada at the forefront of industrial innovation in space and on earth.”
      - Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen

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