The Honest Talk joins forces with She, Her, Hers for real insights into women’s lives

OTTAWA, Nov. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Honest Talk, the innovative online space dedicated to women, is excited to announce our partnership with She, Her, Hers, an Abacus Data research practice specializing in understanding women’s perspectives. Together, we’re set to transform the way we support and connect with women across North America.

As women navigate this period of unique challenges and heightened isolation, The Honest Talk strives to be a beacon of community and understanding. A recent She, Her, Hers survey for The Honest Talk reveals that 53 per cent of Canadian women struggle to find a network where they feel supported. This collaboration is our answer to that call for a space where every woman is welcome and included.

Furthermore, an overwhelming 87 per cent of women are calling out for a platform where their real stories are heard and shared. The Honest Talk, with the analytical prowess of She, Her, Hers, will become a hub for these genuine connections and authentic narratives.

“We’re here to serve every woman seeking a community that truly understands and reflects her life,” said Catherine Clark, co-founder of The Honest Talk.

“With rich insights from She, Her, Hers, we’re crafting a space where true stories and meaningful data converge to support, inspire, and raise each other up,” added Jennifer Stewart, the platform’s other co-founder.

“Our mission is to amplify the voices and experiences of women through research, and the partnership with The Honest Talk is a significant step in that direction. Together, we will empower women with the knowledge they need to navigate life’s challenges while fostering meaningful and impactful connections,” said She, Her, Hers practice lead Oksana Kishchuk.

Get ready for regular, relatable insights on what matters most to women—from health to parenting and finance to career growth. All this, plus discussions that matter, will be featured on The Honest Talk’s digital platform and our popular podcast.

Together with She, Her, Hers, The Honest Talk is not just sharing stories—we’re starting conversations and building a community where every woman’s voice is heard.

About The Honest Talk:

The Honest Talk is a ground-breaking digital platform dedicated to amplifying women’s voices and providing a safe and empowering space for women to connect, share and learn. With daily updates on a wide range of topics and first-person essays, The Honest Talk is committed to creating a supportive and vibrant community for women.

About She, Her, Hers:

She/Her/Hers is a research practice dedicated to exploring how the lived experiences of Canadians, their behaviours, and attitudes are gendered. The practice explores a range of subject areas that inform what it’s like being a Canadian woman today – from home life, to work life, to finances, to consumer behaviour.


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