New Report on Decarbonization in the Building Industry Available

Green Builder Media announces the publication of a new report that shows where the building industry stands on carbon neutral building.

Lake City, Colo., Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Download Green Builder Media’s latest COGNITION Smart Data report to stay on top of what’s happening in the building industry. 

In “Decarbonization: From Theory to Reality," Green Builder Media asked builders, manufacturers, and consumers about their perceptions and priorities on decarbonization, particularly around the built environment.

Their answers reveal where the industry stands on decarbonization efforts and what trends, products, building practices, legislative/code changes, and other factors will shift how homes are built in the near future. 

This exclusive report includes information on: 

  • The top three ways companies are decarbonizing.
  • New decarbonized building products for today’s homes.  
  • What consumers will pay for to lower their environmental footprint. 
  • What building pros are doing to decarbonize their businesses and the homes they build.
  • A review of advanced decarbonization technologies. 
  • CarbonTech and ClimateTech Innovations.
  • A glossary of relevant decarbonization terms.
  • Quick tips to transition to alternative materials. 

Download this free report here.

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Survey Results on Decarbonization Initiatives in the Building Industry

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