Battle Bands Version 1.0 Launches on Steam!

Take your band to the top in the new Rock & Roll deck-builder featuring co-op and competitive multiplayer

PORTLAND, Maine, Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aerie Digital has released Battle Bands: Rock & Roll Deckbuilder, the deck-building game set in the rock & roll fantasy world of Riff City.

Now available on Steam for PC!

You can experience this amped-up battle-of-the-bands roguelike single player or with friends. Take your band on Tour, or play in a 64-Band Tournament Royale.

Steam Page:

Your deck is your instrument In Battle Bands - choose from guitar, bass, keyboard or drums, then craft your deck with hundreds of unique unlockable cards. Take on roguelike campaigns with up to four players. Challenge offbeat and unique rivals in Tour Mode, or battle your way to the top in an online 64-band Royale Mode tournament. Customize your band's outfits, instruments, and van so you look the part when you take center stage and steal the show.

Battle Bands Features:

  • Tour Mode: Roguelike campaigns with challenging bosses for 1-4 players
  • Royale Mode: 64-band online tournaments supporting up to 4 players in each band
  • Optional Multiplayer Gameplay: Both Co-op and Competitive
  • 4 Instrument-based Decks: Each with 30 levels of unlockable cards
  • Two Free Backstage Passes: Each with 50 levels of unlockable cosmetic items
  • Customize your characters, instruments, and van in a variety of ways
  • Zero micro-transactions, zero FOMO

New Version 1.0 Launch Day Features:

  • Metal Moon Rising Riff City Event
  • Third Free Backstage Pass: Metal Moon Rising with 50 Levels of Metal-themed Rewards to Earn Through Gameplay
  • New And Improved Grand Royale with Unique Vendors and Special Events
  • 9 All New Royale Rivals to Face-off Against and Earn Unique Cosmetic Rewards
  • Joe's Variety Shop Updates with Dozens of Wild New Outfit Options for Band Personalization
  • Shadow Band Reign - Pits Players Against Their Strongest Former Self
  • New Unlockable Cosmetics for Defeating All Existing Reigns

Aerie Digital has been collaborating with players, considering feedback and evolving interactively with the community to create a better Battle Bands experience throughout Early Access.

Battle Bands Version 1.0 is available now on Steam! Follow the development team on Twitter @BattleBandsGame and Discord.


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