Sustainability, Quality, and Functional Design: Yohann Reveals The Important Principles that Differentiate the Brand in its Highly Competitive Marketplace

Basel, Switzerland, Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yohann, a premium manufacturer of fine Apple Accessories, is proud to reveal the important principles that have helped to differentiate its natural, locally grown wood products, such as iPad Stands, iPhone Stands, Headphone Stands, MacBook stands, and iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Stations, and earn the brand a devoted customer base despite its position in a highly competitive marketplace.

With Yohann looking forward to its tenth anniversary in 2024, the brand wanted to look back at its beautiful success story and reiterate the 4 key areas: design, materials, craftsmanship, and sustainability, that have led to its international success and are the reasons why, today, Yohann continues to position itself against the mainstream mass market through its unwavering commitment to exceptional design and quality.

Starting as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Yohann’s products were created by Swiss architect Berend Frenzel with the aim of uncovering and filling a gap in the market for innovative and quality-designed Apple accessories. “When I got my first iPad, I was excited about its minimalist design,” said Berend Frenzel. “I quickly noticed the lack of a helpful stand to use the iPad comfortably and hands-free. After searching the internet, I could not get excited about any available product regarding both functionality and aesthetics and started thinking about a good solution.”

Together with his partner Silvia Arbogast, he developed a highly functional and, at the same time, beautiful iPad stand that was different in every aspect from what the world had seen until then. The revolutionary iPad Stand led to immense success on Kickstarter, with the project receiving full funding within 4 days and achieving an impressive final funding of 275% of the initial funding goal – with a funding of USD 110’000 a momentous accomplishment for a Kickstarter project in this product category in 2014.

“We did not spend a single penny on advertising because, at the time, we simply did not know much about marketing and advertising. We just hoped for the best, and we were overwhelmed by the success,” continued Berend Frenzel.

With a growing list of accolades from the trade press, such as “Yohann is the most functional and versatile iPad stand with a beautiful and reduced design” and that the product was something “Jony Ive could be proud of,” Yohann used its start-up years to work hard on the business and brand, culminating in the decision that Yohann would not only stand for exceptional and beautiful design but also for a holistically sustainable business.

All the products created by Yohann are crafted in small family businesses in Italy and Germany, countries with high standards for protecting employees and the environment. This sustainable manufacturing approach ensures that the materials used are sourced from only sustainably grown and not endangered wood types.

“Although tree planting is often called greenwashing today, we do it,” explained Berend Frenzel. “With our already sustainable products, there is very little to greenwash. With the local production in the center of Europe, we have small distances for transport, and our materials and packaging are as sustainable as possible already. By planting two trees for every product sold, we not only replace the wood we use but overcompensate our small energy use and inevitable emissions for international shipping by many multiples. In overcompensating the emissions, we honestly see a real value for the environment.”

Yohann ships internationally, with the USA being the main market before Germany and Switzerland, with each of the brand’s products being finished, packed, and shipped in a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities, providing the team with a fulfilling job and self-esteem.

Today, Yohann offers a range of various stands for almost all Apple products. All the brand’s accessories are focused on improving the utility and versatility of Apple products in an aesthetically sophisticated home environment. These include:

iPad Stand: Designed in Switzerland and made from quality oak and walnut wood in Italy and Germany, Yohann’s iPad Stand is priced between USD 139 – USD 169 and allows individuals to comfortably use an iPad hands-free in almost any situation at home.

iPhone Stand: Ideal for Face-Time calls, FaceID recognition, and with a versatile design to position an iPhone in three different angles in landscape and portrait view, Yohann’s iPhone Stand is perfect for individuals who want to enjoy their phone hands-free. This product is priced between USD 139 – USD 159.

MacBook Stand: Ergonomic elegance, crafted from premium Italian oak and German walnut. It ensures an upright sitting posture and declutters your workspace for seamless productivity. The MacBook Stand is priced between USD 179 – USD 199

Headphone Stand: Store your AirPods Max or other headphones safely and have them beautifully displayed. Made from quality oak and walnut wood in Italy and Germany. Designed in Switzerland. Prices range between USD 179 – USD 199

iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Station: Available between USD 149 – USD 169, this beautifully crafted product conveniently offers individuals the ease of charging their Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time on a single station while additionally keeping charging cables organized and out of sight.

About Yohann

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 that launched the brand, Yohann has continued to create sustainably sourced and manufactured Apple accessories that prioritize simple, quality, and exceptionally crafted designs. Dedicated to a holistic process from the product’s inception to its delivery at a customer’s door, Yohann ensures the principles it has envisioned for its products always get delivered without compromise.

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