Eseye, G+D, Thales and Vodafone Recognised as Champion Connectivity Vendors by Kaleido Intelligence

New Kaleido Scores & Champion CMP, eSIM Connectivity & eSIM Subscription Management Announced

LONDON, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaleido Intelligence, a leading connectivity market research and consulting firm, has announced its latest Connectivity Vendor Hub research, providing the most up-to-date product assessment and scores for connectivity service providers across Connectivity Management Platforms (CMP), eSIM Connectivity and eSIM Subscription Management.

The Connectivity Vendor Hub: Competitive Analysis 2023 research analysed 39 established service providers. It includes an in-depth evaluation of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for all companies. Kaleido’s method entails categorising vendors based on their product excellence, recognising each company’s distinct market positioning, problem-solving skills, innovative prowess, and their ability to align with current market needs and future demands.

The study is the culmination of more than 4-months’ worth of primary and secondary research, including product demos, questionnaires, and detailed interviews and briefings to collect relevant information.

12 Vendors Receive Champion Kaleido Scores, 22 Vendors Recognised As High-Flyers

Eseye, and Vodafone were scored as number one Champion vendors in eSIM Connectivity and CMP, respectively. The increasingly competitive and innovative ecosystem was underlined this year, with G+D and Thales achieving joint top spot for eSIM Subscription Management. A further 8 vendors were identified as Champions across the categories analysed.

This year’s benchmarking study is Kaleido’s most detailed yet, with leading vendors’ products closely aligning with current and near-term market needs identified by Kaleido through multiple surveys completed throughout the year, in addition to ongoing dialogue with ecosystem service providers.

Erik Brenneis, CEO of Vodafone Business IoT, stated: “As more and more customers adopt and rely on IoT, platform performance and capability become paramount. I am therefore delighted that Kaleido have recognised our connectivity management platform GDSP, as the number 1 Champion in their eSIM & CMP Vendor Hub assessment 2023. By developing and owning our platform we can respond rapidly to changing customer and market demands to ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of IoT.”

Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, remarked: “We are delighted that for the third straight year we’ve been recognised as a Kaleido Champion, and this year as the No 1 assessed firm, confirming our position as the undeniable market leader in eSIM connectivity solutions. Our advanced multi-IMSI and eUICC capabilities, multi-award-winning IoT connectivity management platform, and AnyNet Federation, set us apart from the other 25 vendors, allowing us to deliver best-in-class, near 100% global connectivity so that enterprises can confidently deploy IoT at scale.”

Champion vendors received Kaleido Scores of 12 and above, out of a total of 15; meanwhile, High-Flyers received scores between 10 and 12.

The Number 1, Champion and High Flyer vendors across key product segments as scored by Kaleido Intelligence are detailed in the infographic.

Connectivity Leaders Lowering Commercial and Technical Roadblocks

Kaleido’s research throughout the year has underlined the need for service providers to offer solutions that enable increasingly sophisticated enterprise clients to reduce risk for connected device programmes, as well as navigate their way through a complex web of challenges that have historically created issues in scaling operations up.

Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence, commented: “Connectivity is the bedrock of IoT but it remains fragmented with a series of roadblocks in place that often lead to project failure. Leaders in the market are lowering those roadblocks, be it through their underlying infrastructure and software, connectivity agreements or seamless management across different realms of connectivity enablement.”

The leadership scoring analysis for 39 different connectivity vendors is summarised in the Connectivity Vendor Hub report, along with an assessment of company strengths and opportunities.

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