True Tickets Partners with Kentucky Performing Arts to Bolster Ticketing Security and Streamline the Ticketing Experience

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True Tickets, the innovative digital ticket delivery platform, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Kentucky Performing Arts (KPA) in Louisville to elevate the ticketing experience across two of its prominent venues: The Kentucky Center and The Brown Theatre.

This new venture will see True Tickets implementing its advanced ticketing technology at KPA's renowned stages, focusing on combating chargebacks and credit card fraud — a critical step in ensuring patrons’ and the institution's protection. KPA plans to launch True Tickets in early 2024.

Kentucky Performing Arts, celebrated for its diverse blend of entertainment offerings, is at the forefront of bringing world-class performances to the heart of Louisville. The adoption of True Tickets' state-of-the-art system underscores KPA's commitment to maintaining the integrity of the ticketing process while providing a frictionless and secure purchasing experience.

"True Tickets is excited to bring our robust ticketing platform to The Kentucky Center and The Brown Theatre — two of Kentucky Performing Arts' esteemed venues," remarked Ken Lesnik, Head of Business Development at True Tickets. "Our service not only simplifies the ticketing process but also serves as a bulwark against the prevalent issues of fraud that affect venues and patrons alike."

By selecting True Tickets for The Kentucky Center and The Brown Theatre, KPA is placing a premium on safeguarding their events and enhancing customer trust. The collaboration promises a significant reduction in fraudulent transactions, ensuring that every ticket holder gains legitimate access to their outstanding lineup of performances.

Rob Schmidlapp, Vice President of Information Services for Kentucky Performing Arts, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. "Working with True Tickets allows us to offer our audiences a seamless ticketing experience. The smart, secure technology significantly minimizes the risks of chargebacks and fraud, which are increasingly important in today's digital landscape. We are confident that our collaboration with True Tickets will make attending events at KPA venues an even more enjoyable and safe experience."

True Tickets' platform is renowned for providing event organizers and venues the capability to manage their ticket distribution efficiently and connect with their true audience. The partnership with KPA is a testament to True Tickets' commitment to enhancing live event experiences through innovative technology.

Kentucky Performing Arts is dedicated to enriching the cultural vibrancy of the community through the power of the performing arts. This collaboration with True Tickets underscores their proactive approach to adopting industry-leading solutions that benefit their patrons.

About True Tickets
True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service that puts venues and event organizers in control of their tickets and in communication with their true audience. True Tickets' business-to-business solution easily integrates with Tessitura, the unified enterprise system for arts and cultural institutions, empowering performing arts centers, theatres, ballets, orchestras, and more to leverage the power of digital-native tickets to ensure extraordinary live experiences for their guests. With True Tickets, these institutions can set rules and track ticket custody, limit the excesses of the secondary market, and restore direct relationships between their audiences and the live events they love. For additional information, please visit or follow True Tickets on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Kentucky Performing Arts
Bringing world class performances to Kentucky, connecting artists with the community, and providing arts education opportunities, Kentucky Performing Arts lives its statewide mission of connecting and inspiring through the arts. Kentucky Performing Arts has a significant impact on the Commonwealth’s tourism and local economy, contributing more than $15.8 million in an average year with our patrons spending an additional $10.5 million annually. As an integral member of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, Kentucky Performing Arts, along with the other agencies, seeks to preserve and promote the history, heritage, and arts of the Commonwealth.

Three locations in Louisville make up the family of venues under the Kentucky Performing Arts umbrella:

  • The Kentucky Center at 501 W. Main St.
  • The Brown Theatre, 315 W. Broadway
  • Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, 724 Brent St.

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