Auradine Unveils Next-Generation Teraflux™ Bitcoin Miners Setting New Benchmarks for Efficient and Sustainable Mining

  • Teraflux™ AT2880 air-cooled and AI3680 immersion miners are the world’s fastest and most energy-efficient and feature Auradine’s breakthrough EnergyTune technology
  • Introducing the Invest in Bitcoin America program to invigorate the North American mining ecosystem

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Auradine, a leader in web infrastructure solutions including blockchain, AI, and security, today announced the launch of the next generation of its Teraflux™ Bitcoin miners, the AT2880 and AI3680. These miners are the fastest and most efficient Bitcoin mining systems in the world, achieved through breakthrough architectural and process advances in ASIC technologies. Additionally, they offer cutting-edge uptime and demand-response features that help miners reduce costs and effectively partner with energy providers.

Bitcoin, the world’s first blockchain, accounts for over half the global cryptocurrency market value. It is also poised for wider adoption, with leading analysts projecting that the United States SEC is likely to approve a number of Bitcoin ETF applications. Currently, nearly all Bitcoin mining hardware comes from China-based ASIC suppliers. Amidst geopolitical and other risks to supply chains and cybersecurity threats, there is growing demand for US-based mining solutions. Auradine, an American company, is spearheading innovation in breakthrough data-center-scale Bitcoin solutions while enhancing supply chain resiliency.

“After delivering our first generation of Bitcoin miners, we are raising the bar again to help customers achieve the best economics and sustainability, even beyond the Bitcoin halving in 2024,” said Rajiv Khemani, CEO and co-founder of Auradine. “We also offer Bitcoin mining operators a compelling alternative to foreign ASICs, which is vital to the continued growth, security, and confidence of the North American blockchain economy.”

Unparalleled Performance and Capabilities
This new series of Auradine Teraflux™ miners offers unprecedented performance, efficiency, and sustainability, delivering superior total cost of ownership. Highlights include:

  • World’s fastest and most energy-efficient miners:
    • AT2880 air-cooled miners are capable of achieving an output of 0 to 260 TH/s, with an optimal efficiency of 16 J/TH.
    • AI3680 immersion-cooled miners are capable of achieving an output of 0 to 375 TH/s, with an optimal efficiency of 15 J/TH.
  • Capability to operate at temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) to maximize uptime.
  • EnergyTune™ and AutoTune™ technologies allow miners to dynamically adjust the Bitcoin hash rate based on-demand response needs of the electrical grids.
  • FluxVision™, Auradine’s comprehensive cloud-based solution, provides user-friendly interfaces for miners to manage their operations at data center scale.

Industry Endorsements
"The adaptability and efficiency of Auradine's mining rigs are a testament to the innovative capabilities of American technology, setting new standards for the global Bitcoin mining community,” stated Matt Prusak, Chief Commercial Officer, US Bitcoin Corp.

"Auradine’s technology offers cutting-edge hardware that prioritizes energy efficiency and optimizes total cost of ownership,” said Ashu Swami, CTO of Marathon Digital Holdings. “The company’s next-generation ASIC chip allows miners to achieve best-in-class performance and improves their economics. As one of the largest Bitcoin miners, Marathon is encouraged to see companies like Auradine working to make the Bitcoin ecosystem more energy-efficient and resilient.”

Invest in Bitcoin America Initiative
Furthering its commitment to national interests, Auradine has launched its Invest In Bitcoin America initiative, providing individuals and companies the opportunity to fund the ever-evolving blockchain industry. Besides providing a way to invest directly in a high-technology Silicon Valley growth company, investors will receive special payment terms on new Teraflux™ miner series orders. To learn more about the Invest in Bitcoin America program, visit

Availability and Ordering
Teraflux™ AT2880 and AI3680 systems will begin shipping to customers in Q2 2024, with production volumes starting in Q3 2024. For more information or to place an order for the Teraflux™ range, please visit

About Auradine
Auradine is a leader in web infrastructure solutions focused on blockchain, AI, and security. The company is building breakthrough software, hardware, and cloud solutions to enable a highly scalable, sustainable, and secure infrastructure. Auradine was founded in 2022 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists with a proven track record and deep expertise in security, SaaS, semiconductors, and systems. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit

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