Book Fair Alternative, Love My Library, Provides School Librarians $10,000 and Free Access to its Turnkey Solution to Relieve 2024 School Funding Pressures

Read-A-Thon Fundraising designed Love My Library specifically for librarians to raise funds while inspiring students to read

Mansfield, Texas, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With school libraries increasingly pressured on funding and content, Read-A-Thon Fundraising is announcing a special promotion of Love My Library, the only fundraising alternative to book fairs designed specifically for librarians. Read-A-Thon will provide free access to the Love My Library platform for schools who sign up for an event before December 31, and will donate $500 each to twenty selected U.S. schools who sign up for a Spring 2024 event.

Traditional fundraising options no longer meet the needs of librarians, especially those from under-resourced or rural schools, who are faced with rising minimums and limited options to curate titles for their community. The Love My Library fundraising platform was specifically designed with no minimums as an easy way to generate much-needed funds that increase access to reading resources at school and home.

“The high fixed costs of the traditional book fair have made this option increasingly inaccessible to many schools, leaving many school librarians without a way to raise funds and stock library shelves. They effectively shut out under-resourced, rural and online schools, exacerbate book deserts and don’t meet the financial and resource needs of librarians,” said Read-A-Thon CEO Toby Cunningham. “We created Love My Library to support every student and every school across the country, and wanted to do something we felt could help schools regardless of income level or location.”  Love My Library is a fundraising-based book fair alternative that provides everything librarians need to raise funds for their library and get books in the hands of students.

The turnkey platform features: 

  • No contracts or minimums. 
  • No need for volunteers.
  • No inventory to manage or set up.
  • No disruption to classroom or instructional time. 
  • Low 10% service fee.
  • Funds split between librarians and students to purchase books. 
  • 900+ unique titles in multiple languages for librarians to choose from. 
  • Easy-to-use curation tools to meet the needs of each school community.
  • Free marketing materials.
  • Hands-on customer support.
  • Friendly, safe and secure online platform proven to drive high volumes of donations. 

And best of all, the program is all literacy-based and 100% customizable, empowering librarians to customize for their school community’s needs. Hundreds of school librarians have successfully implemented the Love My Library program, and each fundraiser on average adds 285 books to school and home libraries. 

“Love My Library has been an amazing experience for our students and our school,” said Ashley Meaux, Librarian at Highland Baptist Christian School. “Parents and students were eager to participate to earn books to expand their home libraries as well as to help grow our school library. This has been the easiest way to host a book fair, and our school will participate in this program for years to come. Thank you, Love My Library!”

The Love My Library end-of-year offer is available for schools that sign up before December 31st. Schools to receive the $500 in donations will be selected in January. Additionally, Read-A-Thon offers support for companies, nonprofits or associations to get involved through match or direct donations. 

About Read-A-Thon Fundraising Read-A-Thon Fundraising is the world’s fastest-growing literacy-based fundraising company committed to boosting education through solutions that are safe, secure, and simple to run. It operates the Read-A-Thon and Love My Library fundraising platforms. Read-a-Thon is an award-winning fundraising platform designed to raise funds and grow lifelong readers that has delivered four to five times greater returns than traditional fundraisers and has raised more than $20 million annually for schools. Love My Library is the only fundraiser designed specifically for librarians that has reimagined fundraising-based book fairs that raises funds for the library while getting books in the hands of students. To learn more about Read-a-Thon visit and Love My Library at


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