TessPay CEO Discusses how its Fintech Platform with AI-Driven Features is Enhancing Business Growth

Helping to Revolutionize Business Growth utilizing AI Features – Nov. 14th, 2023.

FORT MYERS, FL, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jeff Mason, CEO of TessPay Inc., (the “Company” or “TessPay”), developer of a fintech platform for securing and streamlining financial transactions that utilizes blockchain technology to provide payment assurance and liquidity through a finance supply chain (the “Platform”), today discussed the power of generative artificial intelligence (“AI”) and its ability to harness and transform the way businesses access financing and secure payments.

The Company is exploring future deployment of unique AI-driven features to set a new standard for the Platform, offering quicker access to financing, improved cash flow, and accelerated business growth for its clients.

Jeff Mason, CEO of TessPay commented, “Businesses will be able to rest assured that their financial operations are in expert hands, benefiting from our Platform's ability to analyze vast amounts of data, make valuable recommendations, and enhance transparency and security in supply chains. As the financial technology landscape continues to evolve, AI-driven solutions like what we have in mind are expected to revolutionize the industry by offering practical tools that improve efficiency, reduce risks, and deliver a more seamless experience for both businesses and consumers.”

Using advanced generative AI features, TessPay’s Platform will empower financial institutions and organizations in various industries to make data-driven decisions with precision and efficiency through blockchain-based records. One important application is creditworthiness assessment, where an AI-aided Platform should be able to go beyond traditional credit scores by analyzing customer data and drawing insightful conclusions. Additionally, AI can play a pivotal role in fraud detection and prevention, allowing the Platform to recognize and respond to suspicious activities in real-time without compromising the security and safety.

About TessPay

TessPay is an innovative fintech firm that has been focused on disrupting the payment landscape since its inception in 2017. The Company’s Platform, utilizes blockchain technology to provide payment assurance and liquidity through a supply chain. The Platform makes use of smart contracts, as programmatic representations of the terms of a legal contract between the supply chain parties, to affect automated settlements (account balance computations) to supply chain participants. The Platform is intended to offer security to permit lender funding, increased payment confidence, fraud mitigation and transparency throughout each step of every supply chain finance transaction for wholesale telecom carriers and for telecom companies acting as providers in the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program (“ACP”). In major commercial construction projects, the Platform deploys smart contracts to connect funders, developers, and general contractors through to subcontractors and suppliers. Through the use of the smart contracts, the executable elements of each contract are tracked through the Platform and assembled in a structure that permits the system to ensure that only contracted amounts can be approved, and paid, without error or duplication. As a testament to our commitment to innovation, transparency, and security in the fintech world, our mantra is simple: Choose TessPay, Choose Growth.

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