IPC launches OneView Portfolio

Unifying High Touch, Low Touch and Enterprise Workflows

New York, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IPC Systems, a leading provider of trading communications, electronic trading and infrastructure solutions for global financial markets, is excited to announce the launch of OneView Portfolio, a new service to integrate multiple trading workflows seamlessly with the most complex trading and cross-enterprise environments. The Portfolio comprises the new OneView Device and Workspace representing the next stage in trading technology and enabling unprecedented integration of voice with third-party applications and enterprise workflows.

IPC’s OneView Portfolio brings together a combination of IPC’s high-touch communication capabilities via an open, application-forward architecture, and a new application enabled hardware device. This further optimizes integration with enterprise collaboration tools and third-party desktop applications, providing a single, high-touch experience for users and gives organizations the ability to easily integrate, modify and add workflows.

Resolving a core challenge in the financial trading environment, the OneView Portfolio facilitates efficient management of fragmented and often disconnected trading workflows that run in and across multiple applications and platforms. With the ability to natively access and run both IPC and third-party applications, as well as seamlessly integrate with OpenFin enabled desktops, IPC’s OneView Portfolio ushers in a new generation of trading performance.  

“Built on the foundation of IPC’s unrivalled expertise in trading communications, connectivity and platform integration, IPC’s OneView Portfolio provides a ‘next generation’ trading experience to traders and firms alike,” added Bob Santella, CEO, IPC Systems.

“IPC’s OneView Device and Workspace satisfy growing industry demand for a more robust, optimized and integrated voice user experience,” says Tim Carmody, CTO, IPC Systems. “The launch of the OneView Portfolio expands our open platform strategy, by focusing on one touch and single view access for IPC’s customers to a suite of IPC and third-party trading communication and application services. Along with IPC’s Touch Turret, Unigy Soft and Mobile Client and OpenFin integration, the new OneView Portfolio focuses on ease of integration within adjacent workflows, and seamless interoperability with other trading applications and operations.” 


About IPC
A specialist technology and service leader powering global financial markets for over 50 years, IPC Systems is at the forefront of electronic trading connectivity and state-of-the-art cloud communications, setting the standard for exceptional service, innovation, and expertise.

IPC’s customer-first approach is bolstered by an extensive and diverse financial ecosystem that spans all asset classes and connects market participants anywhere in the world for enhanced communication, collaboration, and compliance. Global services include electronic trading, trading communications, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.

IPC is ideally positioned to anticipate change and remain aligned with rapidly transforming markets, and to empower customers to adapt to change, now and in the future.  

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