Tradable Bits Recognized as Power Player by Sports Business Journal

Tradable Bits Shares the Award with Its Many Sports Partners Including Teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, CFL, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Canadian Premier League, Legends, Nascar, Circuit of the Americas and More

Sports Business Journal Recognizes Tradable Bits as a Power Player in Fan Experience Technology

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tradable Bits, a leading provider of fan engagement, data, and marketing solutions for the global sports, music, and entertainment industries, has been recognized by the Sports Business Journal as a Power Player in Fan Experience Technology, the company announced today. This honour underscores Tradable Bits’ dedication to its partners that span the world of sports and entertainment, including teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, CFL, as well as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Canadian Premier League, Legends, Nascar, Circuit of the Americas, and more.

From Sports Business Journal, “The list includes companies that boost in-person attendance with augmented reality. Others enhance the digital presentation with data-infused productions or create more personalized activations. They bolster the mobile experiences that fans enjoy while engaging with their teams and turn venue navigation into a more streamlined (and pleasant) place for consumers. They are also the sports leagues themselves, tending to their most valuable assets to keep them returning. Tradable Bits gave teams a new way to engage fans this year: It created mobile games that teams can build, customize and deploy on their own. Darshan Kaler noticed an opportunity in sports through his work around the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Teaming up with former co-worker Dmitry Khrisanov, they developed Tradable Bits into a company that provides fan data insights, engagement and marketing.”

“We are honoured to be named an SBJ Power Player alongside so many prestigious brands in the sports industry. This recognition reinforces our dedication to building innovations that deepen connections between sports organizations and their fans,” said Darshan Kaler, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tradable Bits.

Tradable Bits utilizes Zero-party Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to provide 360-degree fan views to athletes, teams, leagues, and venues worldwide. In the past year, the company powered more than 17,000 digital fan experiences, reached more than 62 million fans and generated millions of fan data points that drove more than $1 billion in conversion value to Tradable Bits partners. Tradable Bits’ custom solutions enable sports organizations to deliver fans truly personalized experiences to keep them engaged year-round, whether teams are in-season or off-season.

“Tradable Bits builds technologies that are tailored to the unique needs of the sports and entertainment industry. To effectively market to fans, organizations must first understand them. To do that, technology is designed to capture and extrapolate billions of data points that are critical inputs for generating informed, results-driven strategies for our partners,” said Dmitry Khrisanov, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tradable Bits.

Tradable Bits launched several innovations in the past year that led to the honour by Sports Business Journal, including:

  • ARCADE: Tradable Bits’ customizable arcade-style games offer interactive ways for fans to interact with teams, even when they’re not actively watching a game. The interactive engagement platform empowers teams to personalize each game to their brand and sponsors in minutes.
  • Premium Digital Fan Engagement Tools: In addition to the 40+ templated digital engagements supported by the platform, Tradable Bits pushes boundaries in fan engagement with innovative customizable digital assets, including live broadcast, arcade-style games, and User Generated Content.
  • In-Venue Engagement: Tradable Bits helps teams connect with fans inside the venue. From interactive wayfinding Infotowers to seamless integration with teams’ POS systems, Tradable Bits delivers actionable links and opportunities to fans on-site.
  • Single-Fan View Customer Data Platform: Tradable Bits’ open system platform is built for the unique needs of the sports and entertainment industries and includes everything from ticketing and streaming platforms that enhance audience profiling to outgoing integrations that let partners action their data with Email, SMS, and digital advertising.

Tradable Bits has a long-standing legacy of pushing the boundaries of fan engagement technology and is a partner to MLSE Digital Labs, the innovation arm of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Additionally, the Government of Canada has acknowledged Tradable Bits’ contributions to the sports and entertainment landscape by selecting the organization as a recipient of the Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan) Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program and Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program funding (IRAP). Tradable Bits also works closely with Can Export, a program from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to provide funding for exporters, innovators, associations and communities. Tradable Bits is proud to represent Canadian innovation on the world stage.

About Tradable Bits
Tradable Bits is a leading provider of fan engagement, data, and marketing solutions for the global sports, music, and entertainment industries. Tradable Bits is charting the path to personalized fan experiences that lead to higher revenue per fan in partnership with over 100 clients worldwide - including professional sports teams in the AFL, NBA, NFL, NRL, MLS and more. Tradable Bits has offices in North America, Australia and Europe.

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