Veo Releases 2023 Rider Survey Report

Results demonstrate how Veo’s service is supporting car-free living; increasing mobility for riders of diverse ages and abilities

Santa Monica, CA, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Veo released results from its latest user survey, conducted annually to better understand rider needs and preferences as the company continues to expand its footprint and bring new modes of shared mobility to market.

“Veo is on a mission to end car dependency by making clean transportation accessible to all, and this report shows that we are making strides toward that goal,” said Candice Xie, co-founder and CEO of Veo. “We learned that Veo’s seated scooters are increasing mobility for riders of diverse ages and abilities, providing clean transportation access for individuals not accommodated by traditional stand-up scooters. Moreover, our service is supporting car-free lifestyles, with over a third of our riders neither owning nor having access to a car."

With feedback from nearly 10,000 riders, the report highlights the impact of Veo’s service and points to micromobility's untapped potential, showing how new vehicle types like seated scooters and throttle-assist e-bikes enhance access for older riders and people with disabilities. Meanwhile, Veo riders sent a message loud and clear that adding more protected bike infrastructure is the number one way to make them feel safe. The more people feel safe, the more they will ride.

Key Highlights

Veo surveyed nearly 10,000 riders in more than 50 markets across the U.S. in winter 2022. Respondents included men (66%), women (29%), and nonbinary and gender diverse riders (4%) whose ages range from 18 to 55+.

Veo supports affordable car-free and car-lite lifestyles

  • 36% of riders do not own or have access to a car.
  • 23% of riders would have used a car for their last trip if Veo’s service wasn’t available.
  • 39% of riders have been able to get rid of a car or decrease car travel because they have access to shared scooters and bikes.
  • Half (51%) of survey respondents report that Veo has improved or slightly improved their ability to reach important places like school or work affordably.

Veo’s seated Cosmo vehicle increases access for riders of diverse ages and abilities

  • Veo’s Cosmo series of seated scooters and class 2 e-bikes is preferred by the majority of Veo riders nationwide, with older riders and riders with disabilities having a strong preference for the Cosmo.
    • 15% of Veo riders are aged 45+, with 57% of these riders preferring the Cosmo. 
    • 13% of Veo riders have a disability, with 68% of these riders preferring the Cosmo.
  • Women and nonbinary riders also tend to prefer the Cosmo seated scooter and class 2 e-bike over standing scooters.

Safe infrastructure is crucial 

  • Over two-thirds (71%) of riders feel safe or very safe riding with Veo, with approximately 99.99% of all trips completed without incident.
  • The most direct and immediate way to make riders feel safer is through city infrastructure improvements. About half of riders (47%) would feel safer if cities installed protected bike lanes and safer street improvements such as car-free or low-speed shared streets. 
  • Protected bike infrastructure is also key to keeping sidewalks clear for pedestrians. More than one-third (41%) of Veo riders report riding on the sidewalk. These riders say they do so because of unsafe streets (68%) and lack of bike lanes (64%). Adding protected bike lanes would compel the vast majority of sidewalk riders (73%) to stop riding on the sidewalk.

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Veo is on a mission to end car dependency by making clean transportation accessible to all. We have provided millions of shared bike and scooter rides in 50+ cities and universities across North America – and we’re just getting started.

Veo operates from a set of values that distinguish us in the industry. We are grounded in financial responsibility: Veo partnered with select cities to achieve profitability before scaling. We’re constantly innovating, leveraging our in-house design and manufacturing process to provide cities with the safest, most accessible fleet of shared electric bikes and scooters on the market. We believe that long-term partnerships with cities and universities are crucial to success, enabling us to work together toward a sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation future. 


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