PEAR Health Labs improves Fit Warrior Mom offering with AI coaching capability, research-informed programming

The military’s first-of-its-kind postpartum fitness program also adds expanded postpartum wellness resources to better support military moms' postpartum fitness and well-being

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PEAR Health Labs, a digital fitness company building smarter health and wellness coaching solutions with artificial intelligence, today announced several significant enhancements to its digital Fit Warrior Mom (FWM) solution that equips military and government communities to optimize performance, prevent injury and illness and reduce costs while empowering mothers to strengthen their physical and mental fitness and pass mandated assessments within 12 months of childbirth.

Flexible to meet the different physical fitness test exercises and standards for all military branches, Fit Warrior Mom integrates new AI coaching functionality into the application, offering postpartum military mothers a personalized coaching experience. Powered by PEAR’s proprietary Training Intelligence platform, the solution’s AI algorithms help tailor adaptable workout plans to each mom’s needs, tracking progress and capturing insights that help them at every stage of postpartum recovery. 

Implemented at Air Force bases across the country, the unique solution also incorporates evidence-based learnings from the latest research on safely returning to running postpartum through the new 39-week Return to Running program. Designed in collaboration with Saralyn Ward, an award-winning fitness expert and founder of the Better After Baby postpartum app, the integrated program employs a four-phase rehabilitation framework to help mothers progress in their running goals after childbirth. 

“Pouring over the most current research to develop strength and return-to-running programming that meets women where they are in their postpartum journey has been an incredible honor. The postpartum period is hard for everyone, but for military women who have to pass the PFT 12 months after giving birth, the stakes are even higher — their jobs are on the line,” said Ward, who is also the editorial force behind The Mama Sagas blog. “Long before asking new moms to do their first situp or run a mile, we focus on the specific rehabilitative needs of the early postpartum period. FWM is changing the paradigm of postpartum fitness — by taking a holistic approach, offering supplemental resources for pelvic floor rehabilitation, lactation, mental health and daily workouts, this unique solution serves those who selflessly serve our country."

To support the holistic wellness of postpartum military women, the digital solution offers a wealth of new educational content addressing physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, breastfeeding, mental health and much more. Curated by domain experts, the expanded library of articles, research papers, videos and support resources provides a holistic approach focused on overall well-being.

“Prior to becoming a mom, I was physically active. But I faced many challenges trying to recover after my traumatic birthing experience via cesarean with my daughter, struggling to pull myself out of bed without assistance — let alone perform situps to meet military fitness standards,” said Second Lieutenant Jasmine Copeland, a Fit Warrior Mom champion. “Being a part of a pregnancy and postpartum program not only provided communion with other women with similar experiences but also gave me the tools to help build and strengthen my core, getting back to my pre-baby physique. A program like this hones in on all aspects of motherhood and is beneficial to helping women continue meeting military standards.” 

With a 58% combined failure and exemption rate on the first-time postpartum fitness assessment, Fit Warrior Mom has the potential to transform the lives of up to 15% of women on active duty in the Air Force who get pregnant each year. 

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