BioAdaptives Announces the Development of VeganHepPlusTM Liver Supplement Formula

VeganHepPlusTM is Designed to Detoxify the Liver and Support Healthy Function

The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases Predict Increase in Chronic Liver Disease Over the Next 25 Years

The Rise of Air Pollution Poses a Significant Threat to Liver Health

LAS VEGAS, NV, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – BioAdaptives, Inc. (OTC: BDPT), a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, all-natural dietary supplements, highlights the importance of liver support as experts predict a steady rise of the most common form of chronic liver disease over the next 25 years.

Scientists presenting at The Liver Meeting, held by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases this week, predict nearly twice as many liver cancers and almost triple the need for liver transplantation by 2050. Researchers also focused on increases in air pollution and the impact this will have on liver disease.

Rising rates of obesity and diabetes are responsible for the expected increase in steatotic liver disease (formerly nonalcoholic fatty liver disease), which currently affects more than 30% of the global population.

To help support healthy liver function, BioAdaptives has announced the development of VeganHepPlusTM, a novel, all-natural, vegan supplement formula designed to promote liver detoxification and support healthy hepatic function.

Edward Jacobs, M.D., CEO at BioAdaptives, stated, “We are very pleased to announce the development of VeganHepPlusTM, part of BioAdaptives’ strategic offering of products designed to address a wider spectrum of common health issues.

“The liver is the body’s primary filter that traps and destroys harmful threats and manufactures important nutrients and chemicals. Support for a healthy liver includes a balanced diet, adequate vitamins, minerals, and biochemical substrates that are components of critical liver enzymes and other active molecules. The rising prevalence of pesticides and other environmental pollutants underscores the importance of providing comprehensive support for this vital organ.”

VeganHepPlusTM is formulated with natural ingredients derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic culture, known to be beneficial for these symptoms. Additional ingredients with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory features fortify this formula to broaden its overall effect.

About VeganHepPlusTM

VeganHepPlusTM is an all-natural, vegan formulation containing ingredients including milk thistle, for healthy liver function, Schisandra chinensis, an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supplement which counters fatigue, licorice, which also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, Fucus vesiculosis, which may protect the liver from cytokine related injury and Platycodon grandiflorus, a popular TCM herb containing fatty acids such as linoleic acid, a variety of amino acids, vitamins, and multiple essential trace elements, as well as zinc, selenium and vitamin E.

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