BlockQuarry Seeks to Propel Operational Growth, Appoints Lawrence Davis as Chief Operating Officer and Sam Escobar as Director of Ground Operations

HOUSTON, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN – BlockQuarry Corp. (OTC: BLQC), a leading Texas-based energy and infrastructure company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lawrence Davis as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Sam Escobar as its new Director of Ground Operations. This strategic move marks a significant addition to BlockQuarry’s executive team and reflects the company's commitment to strengthening its innovation and leadership in the rapidly growing Energy and Infrastructure sector.

Davis, a distinguished combat veteran and seasoned entrepreneur, assumes the pivotal role of COO at BlockQuarry. Davis brings a wealth of experience garnered from multiple overseas deployments with the U.S. Army and subsequent roles as a mission lead, project manager and executive consultant. His transition from executive consulting to entrepreneurship saw the founding of a renowned security firm, specializing in maritime and facility security plans, establishing a stellar reputation in the field. Davis's entrepreneurial journey continued with the founding and establishment of a digital assets fund, Wandering King Studios, a software company specializing in Web 3 product offerings and digital assets.

Alonzo Pierce, chairman of BlockQuarry, expressed confidence in Davis's leadership, stating: "We believe Lawrence Davis is the catalyst BlockQuarry needs to propel us into the next phase of operational growth. His extensive military and entrepreneurial background make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that we continue to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape."

Escobar, a decorated combat veteran and operational expert, steps into the role of Director of Ground Operations at BlockQuarry. Escobar's journey, following distinguished service with the U.S. Army, took him into the private security sector where he excelled in executive consulting and high-level security training. Notably, Escobar's contributions have been instrumental in establishing and scaling multiple companies, showcasing his operational prowess in growing profitable entities. His expertise extends to blockchain technology and digital asset management, as founder of a software protocol that is currently being used in gaming and augmented reality training and as an active board member of a well-established digital assets CPO fund.

Pierce emphasized Escobar's unique contributions, stating: "Sam Escobar's background and passion for emerging technologies make him an invaluable addition to our team. His operational insights align seamlessly with BlockQuarry's vision for growth and scalability, solidifying our position as leaders in the industry."

With Davis and Escobar at the helm, BlockQuarry anticipates a strategic and dynamic approach to operations, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of innovation and success in the public markets. Shareholders and the public can expect continued excellence and growth under their leadership.

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About BlockQuarry Corp.
BlockQuarry Corp. (BLQC) stands as a renowned U.S. collaborator in the fields of energy and infrastructure, with a profound commitment to championing the implementation of carbon-negative industrial energy and fostering its establishment on a widespread scale. Our expertise lies in provisioning green, sustainable, and economically viable energy solutions that cater to industries with substantial power requirements, such as data storage hubs, manufacturing and cryptocurrency mining.

Capitalizing on our extensive network in areas best suited for the development of data centers and computational infrastructure, we are equipped to navigate you toward the precise energy solution that your enterprise needs. At BlockQuarry, we shoulder the responsibility of all requisite permits and engagement processes, allowing our clientele to devote their attention fully to the administration of their businesses.

Our philosophy in forming energy partnerships transcends the conventional bounds of merely addressing the commercial requirements of our clients. At BLQC, we aspire to create a cycle of mutual prosperity, ranging from the creation of employment opportunities in the construction and maintenance of these facilities to stimulating revenue growth for municipalities and state governments.

By pinpointing locations with power excesses and aligning businesses with these potent resources, we at BlockQuarry are committed to ensuring a scenario where everyone emerges victorious. Our pledge to renewable energy implies that our operations leave a positive imprint on our planet. At BLQC, we do not shy away from taking that extra step in pursuit of our goals, whether that means planting trees or other ambitious eco-initiatives.

At BlockQuarry Corp., we strive to transmute your need for industrial power into a beneficial force for the wider community, through the provision of clean, renewable, and cost-efficient energy solutions.

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