InterDigital’s Ralf Schäfer Elected to DVB Steering Board

The DVB Steering Board approves broadcast and broadband media delivery specifications and offers them for standardization in ETSI

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company, announced the election of Ralf Schäfer, Vice President of Standards, to serve on the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Steering Board from 2023 - 2025. The DVB project develops open technical specifications for digital media delivery and is an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading media and technology companies.

As a Steering Board member, Ralf joins 18 other members from manufacturing and software companies including Sony, Qualcomm, Dolby, Panasonic, among others. The DVB Steering Board is responsible for setting the policy direction and handling the coordination, priority-setting, and management for the DVB Project. The Steering Board approves broadcast and broadband media delivery specifications and offers them for standardization in ETSI. Elected by the DVB General Assembly every two years, the Steering Board meets three times per year.

“As a dedicated standards professional, Ralf has made long-standing and impactful DVB contributions and will be a strong addition to the DVB Steering Board,” said InterDigital CTO Rajesh Pankaj. “Ralf is respected throughout the video standards and broadcasting ecosystem for his industry knowledge and expertise, active engagement throughout the DVB committees, and commitment to finding solutions that uphold consensus-based rules for the diverse broadcast and broadband ecosystem.”

Ralf joined DVB in 1998 and is concluding his fourth term of responsibilities within the DVB Steering Board. Ralf has previously been elected to serve as Chair of the Commercial Module Home Networking (CM-HN) and Commercial Module Internet Protocol Television (CM-IPTV) subgroups, and in addition to his Steering Board membership, he is currently Vice-Chair of the Commercial Module and Chair of the Steering Board Budget subgroup, the latter responsible for preparing the annual budget of the DVB Project with the support of the Project Office.

You may view the complete list of DVB Steering Board members here.

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