Colorado State University Global Launches ‘Disagree Better’ Course on Healthy Conflict

In response to the National Governors Association’s Disagree Better initiative, the 100% online course provides industry partner employees and course participants around the nation, conflict-resolution tools and strategies.

Aurora, Colo., Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colorado State University Global (CSU Global), in collaboration with Utah Governor Spencer Cox, who serves as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA), and Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who serves as vice chair of NGA, has created a fully online course, Disagree Better, to equip learners with healthy conflict styles, tools, and strategies for resolution. The Disagree Better initiative is Gov. Cox’s initiative in his capacity as Chair of NGA.

The NGA Chairs’ 2023-24 initiative, Disagree Better, addresses the problems of polarization, elevates solutions, and features the NGA co-chair Governors demonstrating how to disagree better. CSU Global’s course, one of many public-facing projects as part of the effort, will be made available before the end of the year.

“We are honored to partner with Governor Cox and Governor Polis on this initiative. In today’s challenging environment, it is more critical than ever that we can address conflict in a positive and effective way to try to reach resolution on the many problems facing our nation, society, and communities,” said CSU Global President Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker. “CSU Global is delighted to have the opportunity to design and provide this course to teach those important tools to professionals in our state and beyond.”

“Students in the course will learn to identify communication styles and conflict management skills that allow people to effectively collaborate with both advocates and adversaries to find solutions to problems,” shared CSU Global Provost Dr. Audra Spicer. “Whether it is a dinner table conversation or a business negotiation, healthy and respectful conflict management and persuasion are tools for finding success in everyday situations.”

“Partisan animosity is not good for individuals and it’s not good for the country. That’s why I launched this Disagree Better initiative to show there is a better way to find solutions, and I’m excited that CSU Global is amplifying the effort,” said Governor Cox. “This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn conflict resolution skills, skills that will improve their personal and professional relationships as well as our political discourse.”

“The Disagree Better initiative has brought together elected officials and leaders from different backgrounds to discuss and share ways to have healthy disagreements, and I am thrilled CSU Global is providing the opportunity for students to join this conversation,” said Governor Polis. “Navigating conflict and working through disagreements is never easy, but the more we all come together to learn strategies to address conflicts, the better we can all disagree.”

CSU Global designed this course using the same 100% online learning system it uses for its top-ranked, high-quality degree and certificate programs, which are purposefully designed to provide flexibility for working professionals and teach students industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion, the course is worth one college credit, which can apply to a CSU Global degree or certificate or apply to a degree or certificate program at other institutions that have created transfer pathways for the credit.

In addition to its industry partnership work, CSU Global continues to expand the reach of its courses and programs to organizations and professionals across the country and the world. For more information on partnering with CSU Global, receive access to view the Disagree Better course, consider custom educational programs for your organization, or discuss other educational partnership opportunities, please reach out to


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