Companjon enters collaboration with leading financial services provider Erste Bank Hungary, providing modern lifestyle insurance solutions to its George customers

The innovative insurtech provider will roll-out its AI-driven insurance solutions to Erste Bank Hungary customers through George, its digital platform, starting in early 2024.

DUBLIN, Ireland, Nov. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Companjon, a leading B2B2C insurtech start-up specializing in fully digital, AI-driven embedded insurance, has entered an agreement to provide its innovative lifestyle solutions to Erste Bank Hungary customers from early 2024. Erste Bank Hungary is part of the Erste Group, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, serving 16 million customers across seven countries.

The cooperation between Companjon and Erste Bank Hungary began earlier this year, when the start-up took part in the bank’s own fintech scouting program, Bankspiration, which aims to find possibilities that support Erste’s new digital solutions.

The now-sealed collaboration will enable Companjon to integrate its end-to-end insurtech into Erste’s George app, providing account holders with opportunities to insure themselves against modern-day challenges and events outside of their control. In addition to ensuring financial security like a traditional insurance, these solutions will also offer Erste customers more flexibility and convenience.

Erste Bank Hungary’s Head of Digital and Contact Center, László Bek-Balla, said: “We are incredibly optimistic about our collaboration with Companjon, which enables us to delight our customers in a new way that fits and protects their modern lifestyles. Companjon’s digital strategy is well-aligned with our vision of ensuring our customers ‘stay ahead’ and their consideration of our unique customer needs in the design of these insurance solutions is exemplary. We look forward to launching them in the George app next year.”

Companjon CEO, Matthias Naumann, said: “We are very excited to team up with an iconic, well-established brand like Erste Bank Hungary, helping them stand out in the fintech sector by providing innovative end-to-end embedded insurance solutions that enhance their customers’ purchases and fuel Erste’s digital ecosystem. Our AI-driven solutions will offer Erste customers frictionless insurance experiences that help turn negative experiences into positive ones in real-time.”

Companjon’s modern insurance solutions are smart and seamless with automatic claims processing and instant payouts transferred directly to Erste Bank Hungary customer accounts. There is no human intervention for claims approval and zero limitation to how an Erste customer can use the payout.

Companjon, established in 2020, has experienced rapid growth over the years, launching a variety of modern and traditional insurance solutions with globally recognized brands in the events and entertainment, mobility, and fintech sectors. The company has generated over 30 million transactions year-to-date through its unparalleled solution design that leverages the latest technology, like AI, to delight its business partners’ customers in over 31 countries across Europe and beyond.

About Companjon 

Companjon is a leading B2B2C insurtech start-up specializing in fully digital, AI-driven embedded insurance. Its modern, end-to-end insurance solutions enable companies to delight their customers and drive more business value from stronger brand loyalty and new ancillary revenue opportunities. Companjon designs, builds, and underwrites its dynamically priced solutions on a 100% cloud-based platform capable of issuing 32,000 policies per second, integrating API gateways easily, and leveraging the latest advanced technology. It has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative insurtechs for three consecutive years (2021-2023) by FinTech Global.

Companjon seeks to change the way people think about insurance by creating seamless and positive experiences when things don’t go as planned: being right there when ‘life’ happens. The company is registered in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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