Exploring $BLC: The Revolutionary Token Powering the Sastanaqqam Ecosystem

Coinstore Listing: Trading Pair: BLC / USDT

Singapore, Nov. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What is BLC and what does it solve?

The $BLC token, as described in the introduction to the Sastanaqqam ecosystem, serves as a native utility and governance tool. It is integral to the ecosystem, facilitating transactions across various platforms. Sastanaqqam is designed to bring together decentralization, digitization, and entertainment within a Web 3.0 framework. It aims to be a hub for artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts, offering tools and services powered by blockchain technology.

Token Overview

- Token name: Blue Token
- Token symbol: $BLC
- Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Coinstore Listing

- Trading pair: BLC / USDT

What are the utilities of BLC?

The $BLC token in the Sastanaqqam ecosystem serves several key utilities:

1. Native Utility and Governance Tool: $BLC is the unique payment means in all Sastanaqqam's ecosystem.This includes its use in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, art marketplaces, and other services offered by Sastanaqqam.

2. DeFi Platforms: In the realm of digital finance, $BLC is used within Sastanaqqam's DeFi platforms. These platforms offer straightforward access to digital finance tools. The token aids in efficient cryptocurrency management within this framework.

3. Art and NFT Marketplace: $BLC is utilized in the art sector of the ecosystem, particularly in the marketplace and rental platform. These platforms enable artists to sell, rent, and showcase their work as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The token facilitates transactions in these spaces, ensuring the digitization of art and the authenticity of artworks.

4. Entertainment and Gaming: In the entertainment segment, particularly in the tournament gaming platform, $BLC likely plays a role in fostering a competitive in-game economy, although the specific details of its use in this context are not explicitly mentioned in the provided document.

5. CryptoJR: CryptoJR offers a secure educational platform with a custodial wallet system for kids, linked to the parent-controlled 'Sastana Wallet.' Parents have full oversight of the child's CryptoJR wallet, which is accessible only through the main wallet. Enhanced features on the platform are unlocked by holding $BLC, ensuring a safe and educational introduction to cryptocurrency for children under parental guidance.

6. In summary, the $BLC token is a versatile tool within the Sastanaqqam ecosystem, bridging various aspects like DeFi, art, entertainment, and education, and serving as a key component in transactions and governance within this blockchain-powered environment.

What does the project ecosystem include?

The Sastanaqqam project ecosystem encompasses a variety of components that integrate decentralization, digitization, and entertainment within a Web 3.0 framework. It is designed to cater to artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts, offering a range of tools and services powered by blockchain technology. The key components of the ecosystem include:

DeFi Platforms:
The heart of the ecosystem lies in its DeFi platforms, currently at 25% completion. Here, a user-centric non-custodial wallet to provide secure storage and management of digital assets is impressively 90% developed and almost ready for deployment. Complementing the wallet is an exchange platform, which will enable seamless trading of cryptocurrencies, enhancing the liquidity and accessibility of digital finance within the ecosystem.

Art and NFT Marketplace:
A significant portion of the ecosystem's allure is its Art and NFT Marketplace, with the development of the marketplace and rental space both nearing completion at 90%. These platforms will not only empower artists to monetize their creations but also allow collectors to acquire and interact with digital art in novel ways. Furthermore, the vision extends to a virtual museum, currently 25% developed, which aims to digitize art curation and exhibition, leveraging NFTs to authenticate and preserve the uniqueness of each artwork.

Entertainment and Gaming:
A standout feature of the ecosystem is the entertainment and gaming segment, which is 80% underway. This includes a tournament gaming platform that integrates blockchain to elevate the competitive experience. The platform is poised to create a vibrant in-game economy where players can engage, compete, and perhaps earn within a decentralized gaming environment.

Educational Platform:
Finally, the educational platform, at 25% progress, is set to be a cornerstone in fostering financial literacy. It's tailored to empower the younger generation with the knowledge and skills necessary for the digital economy. This platform will offer a wealth of resources on blockchain and digital finance, equipping users to confidently participate in the evolving landscape of DeFi.

Overall, the Sastanaqqam ecosystem is a comprehensive blend of finance, art, entertainment, and education, all underpinned by blockchain technology and the use of its native $BLC token.

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