Redefining the Future of the LEV Market: Veer Extends Crowdfunding Ventures to StartEngine

Veer's carbon fiber drivetrains modernize light electric vehicles (LEVs), replacing old chain drives as cities electrify transportation.


Veer is excited to announce another crowdfunding campaign round on StartEngine.  They are on a mission to be THE go-to drive supplier for premium bikes, eBikes, eScooters, and more. The company's mission is to make a mark on the world, pledging to a greener, more accessible future!

Compelling reasons for your investment in this exciting endeavor:

Veer's growth is exponential, with the Light Electric Vehicle Market seeing a 2-3X surge annually. This market encompasses eBikes, e-Scooters, and various LEVs. This expanding market, notably the eBike sector, was valued at $28.87B in 2023. The company has grown 2X Annually in the LEV Market. 

Even more impressive? They have consistently achieved an extraordinary 200% year-over-year growth since 2019. As they continue to break barriers, this track record positions them as a promising investment opportunity. 

Invest in Veer now and be part of redefining local transportation. For those interested in learning more, visit StartEngine


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