Sertifi Partners with Leading Travel and Payment Companies to Ensure Frictionless Arrivals for Business Travelers

Sertifi’s authorization solution gives hotels an easier, more secure way to receive credit and virtual card information from travel and payment companies before a traveler’s arrival

Chicago, Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sertifi, developers of a digital and secure credit card authorization solution used by over 15,000 customers, is excited to celebrate 12M+ authorizations received via the platform since launching its authorization solution in 2018.

Sertifi partners with leading travel and payment companies, including Amtrav, Corporate Travel Management (CTM), and Conferma Pay, to ensure the secure delivery of card information to hotels, creating a seamless arrival for business travelers. With a free Sertifi portal, any hotel can receive credit and virtual card information directly from these companies. Properties across the world’s largest brands, including Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, and Marriott, have already signed up.

“We’re always looking for options for customers to make secure, reliable hotel payments,” said Elliott McNamee, product marketing director at AmTrav. “Sertifi is hugely valuable in that card numbers are securely delivered to hotels and only viewable by the necessary staff.”

Hotels can also send authorization forms and capture card information directly with a full-service authorization subscription. The convenient digital experience allows forms to be completed and signed from any device, reducing the turnaround time to minutes. A subscription also includes free AI-powered fraud detection tools, helping hotels detect risk early and save thousands a year in chargebacks.

“We know receiving trustworthy card information securely and in advance of arrival is critical,” said Nick Stojka, co-CEO of Sertifi. “It’s exciting to see our authorizations network continue to grow – a testament to us making good on our goal of creating a more seamless, secure authorization process.”

To sign up for a free Sertifi authorizations portal, available to hotels, click here. Our team is also happy to discuss upgrading to our full-service authorizations portal, from which hotels can finalize card authorizations directly.

Are you a travel or payment company interested in integrating with Sertifi? Get in touch here.

About Sertifi 

Sertifi provides a complete agreements platform used by tens of thousands of hospitality and travel businesses in more than 135 countries. Brands like Marriott, Topgolf, and AEG Worldwide trust Sertifi to efficiently and securely sign documents, complete payments, and exchange card authorizations with their customers and business partners. With decades of experience in hospitality and travel, Sertifi is building a network that gives guests and travelers across the globe a great experience from the start.


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