KAMA.AI Signs Canadian Government’s Code of Conduct for Responsible AI

TORONTO, Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Internationally, there are growing concerns regarding the development and regulation of Generative AI (GenAI). American President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order on artificial intelligence, the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. In September, the Government of Canada launched a new Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Responsible Development and Management of Advanced Generative AI Systems, which kama.ai is pleased to announce that it is firmly supporting.

In addition to committing to the development of the country’s robust responsible AI ecosystem, signatories to this code commit to adopting several measures developed through a public consultation earlier this year.

”At kama.ai, we have always focused on creating an understandable form of intelligence that is accessible and able to be programmed by non-technical knowledge holders,” said Indigenous founder and CEO Brian Ritchie. “After meeting with the ISED team, it seemed like a very natural fit for us to commit to the Code.”

François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry said, “Advances in AI have captured the world’s attention with the immense opportunities they present. Canada is a global AI leader, among the top countries in the world, and kama.ai has created some of the world’s top AI innovations. At the same time, Canada takes the potential risks of AI seriously. The government is committed to ensuring Canadians can trust AI systems used across the economy, which in turn will accelerate AI adoption.”

Instead of Large Language Model algorithms, the kama DEI platform uses tacit human experience and human values to guide user journeys and knowledge delivery via the platform. While GenAI capabilities are incorporated for drafting purposes, kama DEI relies on human-in-the-loop governance to ensure the safe distribution of knowledge to protect its customers’ brand and values.

“It’s clear AI tools are evolving quickly and starting to create a meaningful impact in the workplace. When we looked at kama, it was easy to understand and we deployed it as an automated employee help desk. We’re happy to see kama’s commitment to transparency, human oversight and equity.”
Kent McCrea, CEO of Procom

Inspired in part by Canada’s Code of Conduct, kama.ai has outlined the requirements necessary to achieve an ethical, responsible, and sustainable conversational AI platform in a new white paper called The Quest for Responsible AI, which can be accessed on the company’s website at kama.ai.

About kama.ai and the kama DEI Solution

kama.ai is the creator of the Designed Experiential Intelligence™ platform, kama DEI, which allows curated information to be rated and distributed through a conversational agent based on personality value profiles. This establishes a level of personalization between the consumer/client and an enterprise’s information that has not been achieved previously. The result is an automated Virtual Assistant that works around the clock to address inquiries with the right information for the right reasons.

kama DEI has an underlying knowledge base that unifies common information and an Enterprise Portal through which non-technical users can curate product and service information using simple natural language methods. The platform also allows for the setup of various target market demographic profiles (kama DEI Personas) to form the basis for various consumer or employee personality types. kama.ai also offers a rapid-launch, front-end chatbot that can be configured and integrated within hours into your enterprise’s web and mobile web pages. As an alternative, the kama DEI chatbot API allows integration to a current chat facility that you may already be using for live chat, and it can also power other channels such as Messenger, SMS text, or WhatsApp. For more information on kama DEI, please chat with “Kady” on our website at kama.ai or fill out an inquiry form on our site.

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