Egress enhances cloud email security offering with advanced graymail detection to improve employee productivity and reduce admin overhead

November 29, 2023 – London, UK – Leading cybersecurity provider Egress has launched a highly accurate graymail solution, with full end-user control, dedicated to improving employee productivity and reducing the time administrators spend reviewing incorrectly reported phishing emails.

The graymail feature is architected into Egress’ inbound threat detection product, Egress Defend, and integrates seamlessly into customers’ Microsoft 365 environments.

Graymail is bulk solicited emails which are generally low priority and not malicious phishing attacks or unsolicited spam. On average, 34% of a user’s inbox can be classified as graymail,* including newsletters, promotional materials, and notifications. This volume increases with seniority with an organization’s hierarchy: 54% of executives’ mail flow is graymail. Only 3% of these messages are ever opened. **

The high volume of graymail often means business-critical emails are buried within inboxes and employees’ time is spent on manually filtering less important messages. Additionally, graymail emails are 12 times more likely to be misreported as phishing emails versus other message categories, wasting Cybersecurity teams’ time on reviewing harmless emails and distracting them from live threats.**

To tackle this drain on organizational resources, Egress has developed an advanced graymail detection capability to remove these unnecessary distractions tailored to each individual’s preference. The technology leverages Egress’ patented AI-based phishing detection functionality, which uses zero trust models and neural networks to prevent behavioral-based threats. Applying this methodology, Egress surfaces priority messages within the inbox, while segmenting graymail into a separate folder.

Additionally, this productivity feature is easily customized by both individual users and administrators. An interactive banner is added to each message that is routed to the graymail folder, which provides a simple workflow for employees to re-categorize emails and divert them back into their mailbox. Users’ preferences are automatically learned by Defend, allowing users to customize their own experience without any management overhead.   

Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress, comments:

“Graymail is an increasing drain on everyone’s time throughout an organization. From individual users through to IT and Cyber teams, who are often functioning with extremely tight resources. The launch of our advanced graymail detection within Egress Defend will boost productivity and free up valuable time across the business. While people are generally more cybersecurity-savvy than ever before, with this comes a high propensity for false alerts that take time to investigate. We’re excited to put this release in our customers’ hands and increase the value we can offer to them.”

Graymail filtering within Egress Defend is now available worldwide.

*Phishing Threat Trends Report 2023

**Egress Defend data between October 1st, 2023 – November 9th, 2023

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As advanced persistent threats continue to evolve, we recognize that people are the biggest risk to organizations’ security and are most vulnerable when using email.

Egress is the only cloud email security platform to continuously assess human risk and dynamically adapt policy controls, preparing customers to defend against advanced phishing attacks and outbound data breaches before they happen. Leveraging contextual machine learning and neural networks, with seamless integration using cloud-native API architecture, Egress provides enhanced email protection, deep visibility into human risk, and instant time to value.

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