Canadians Build Library In Guyana with Food For The Poor Canada

TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over six hundred students at Lusignan Primary School in Guyana are enjoying their renovated and fully-equipped library to develop their love of reading and enhance their digital literacy skills.

This library transformation was made possible thanks to the generosity of Carrol Verasamy, a former student of the school, and her husband Richard Verasamy, who serves as Board Co-Chair of Food For the Poor Canada. Together they funded the library in memory of Carrol’s late mother, who learned to read only later in her life. Carrol and Richard aligned their dedication to give back to their community and to promote literacy and learning for generations to come.

Carrol said during the opening ceremonies, “I’ve had this dream of being able to give back some day. I’m so grateful that we can do this with the help of Food For The Poor Canada.”

The renovated library is now able to meet the needs of students because it includes computers, A/V equipment, a wide range of books and learning materials, updated shelving and furniture, and repaired electrical equipment. Additionally, a sanitary facility with two washrooms was built to accommodate the growing student population.

Executive Director of Food For The Poor Canada, Geraldine Isaac commends this project, saying, “The Lusignan Primary School library exemplifies Food For The Poor Canada’s collaborative and intentional approach to community work, involving our in-country experts and connecting Canadians to address urgent community needs.”

Since 2018 Food For The Poor Canada has been working with Food For The Poor Guyana to support housing, education, healthcare and livelihoods in the remote community of Baramita, Guyana. Recent projects include a health outreach program for 400 patients, and science and technology education programming for students in grades 1-9.

For more information on how to support programs in the Caribbean and Latin America, visit our current projects page and for more information on the most urgent projects in Guyana, please visit our website here.

About Food For The Poor Canada
Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) empowers communities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through five areas of investment: food, health, housing, education, and income-generating projects.

FFPC responds to urgent needs while building community and social infrastructure. FFPC utilizes the pre-existing networks of local affiliated organizations to better sustain and grow the communities they serve. Through trusted partners, FFPC has strengthened its emergency preparedness and responds effectively to emergencies and natural disasters when they occur.

Over the last 15 years, FFPC and its donors have built 191 homes, 39 schools, as well as shipped and distributed $44,000,000 in food, and educational and medical supplies to communities in LAC.

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A teacher reading with students in the reading area of the library Students cut the ribbon at the opening of the new library. The interior of the completed library.