Holo Metaverse Intelligent Home Library (Holo MIHL) Press Conference: Utilizing AI and other technologies to support SMEs

New York, NY, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holo Metaverse Group plans to establish a platform in Beijing that focuses on AI technology and book publishing. The goal is to assist private companies in enhancing their business environment and avoiding intense competition.

On November 29, Holo cooperated with the China branch of Penguin Random House, the world's largest publishing group, and held a press conference in Beijing. The purpose was to introduce a new digital platform called Holo Metaverse Intelligent Home Library (Holo MIHL). The event received support from two state-owned enterprises, CITIC Press Group and China Translation & Publishing House.

Leveraging a combination of AI technology and publishing resources, Holo MIHL will provide a range of services, including books, clubs, business schools, AI reading, digital avatars, and enterprise-level customization. These services aim to enhance the competitiveness of business operators while fostering a more scientific and friendly approach to business collaboration.

In a video speech, Ms. Fibona Ning, the chairman of Holo, expressed the mission of Holo Group as taking responsibility for the current era and creating social value. Their goal is to contribute to the development of private enterprises and societal progress.

Apart from the Holo MIHL platform, the Holo Group is establishing 112 digital technology spaces worldwide to facilitate global trade and cross-border cooperation for companies. In today's digital transformation era, AI technology is widely utilized across various fields. Building Holo MIHL is an important step towards the future development of the holographic industry. Through the application of AI technology, Holo can break the barriers between offline and online businesses and achieve optimal allocation of resources and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Several companies, including Penguin Random House North Asia, CITIC Press Group, and China Translation & Publishing House, are actively participating in the plan. The Chinese government has been advocating for the development of private enterprises this year to boost economic recovery. The support from state-owned enterprises for the Holo business will significantly contribute to the success of the plan.



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