L.A. Comic Con and Rogue Matter Join Forces to Fuel Creative Disruptors

The newly formed creator community and content network extends the Con’s nerd footprint year-around and fuels the next generation of disruptive content creators across books, comics, podcasts, film, TV, and games; The first step is a Creative Portfolio Review with Rogue Matter’s top brains.

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles Comic Con, the premier destination for comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, and pop culture enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce an important new collaboration with Rogue Matter (RM), the creative studio and content powerhouse. Together, RM and L.A. Comic Con will reshape the fan experience landscape by launching an innovative content network and creator community, which will kick off at the 2023 convention with its first Creative Portfolio Review and expand throughout 2024.

“When we met the team from Rogue Matter, we were very impressed by their vision for a 24/7/365 content network fueled by ‘rogue’ nerd creators,” said Chris DeMoulin, CEO/GM of Comikaze Entertainment, inc., L.A Comic Con’s parent.  “When Rogue Matter asked us if we could help expand that concept with our artist and creator relationships, we said, ‘We’re in!’”

This partnership unites the iconic L.A. Comic Con, renowned for its world-class, three-day pop culture convention, and Rogue Matter's expertise in producing, distributing, and monetizing immersive content across various mediums, including books, comics, podcasts, video, film, television, and games.

“The creator network is an extremely exciting part of a process that extends L.A. Comic Con’s footprint from an annual event into a dynamic year-round program,” said Michael Dolce, Rogue Matter’s Chief Creative Officer.

“This evolution is fueled by the Con's unique role in the heart of L.A. fan culture and Rogue Matter's commitment to elevating storytelling in art, culture, and entertainment,” said Trent Olsen, Editor in Chief, Rogue Matter. 

Empowering Disruptive Creators at L.A. Comic Con

An integral part of this collaboration is pursuing the next generation of disruptors. Rogue Matter and L.A. Comic Con aim to identify and nurture groundbreaking creators, offering them various opportunities to bring their work to life across all the media in which Rogue Matter is a leading producer. The partnership opens the door for talent already associated with the Con's celebrated Artists Alley, providing them with publishing, access, and support through Rogue Matter.

Kicking off this year as part of an ongoing effort, Rogue Matter offers invited L.A. Comic Con artists the chance to participate in a Creative Portfolio Review. RM’s top creative minds and producers will seek to provide guidance, elevate projects to the next level, and potentially lead to meaningful partnerships. At 4 pm on Sunday, Dec. 3, L.A. Comic Con and Rogue Matter will take to the Main Stage to announce the one to three projects that have been selected to be optioned and developed by Rogue Matter in the next 12 months in the selected medium.

About Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter (RM) is a content studio driven by rogue creators, behaviors, and technologies. Rogue Matter aims to transform publishing and Hollywood models. Rogue Matter enables and empowers creators and fans to disrupt the status quo from content creation to distribution and monetization methods. The common thread is “rogue,” which can apply to all content elements, including the creator, a character, the story, the format, or the process. For more information and to Go Rogue, visit RogueMatter.com. For media inquiries and more information about Rogue Matter and the collaboration, please contact Ami Mariscal at ami.mariscal@roguematter.com/310-497-6116.

About Los Angeles Comic Con
Los Angeles Comic Convention, Los Angeles’ largest event for comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, and pop culture, LACC, happens December 1-3, 2023. At the convention center in Downtown Los Angeles, fans will meet comic book artists and writers, attend panels discussing the latest in the comic book industry, and browse through countless vendors selling all kinds of merchandise. There’s a high level of entertainment, community, behind-the-scenes content, contests, and memorable talent paired with floor shows that blend the best of the comic world with emerging technologies and experiential entertainment. And, of course, there’s cosplay. 
For media inquiries and more information about LACC, please contact Nicole Rodriguesat Nicole@nrprgroup.com/424-421-9610.


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