Sales Tips and Mindset Shifts: Klyn Elsbury Relaunches Website with a Brand Refresh and Upcoming Virtual Workshop

San Diego, CA, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Business owner and two-time author Kyln Elsbury is excited to announce the relaunch of her website and upcoming virtual workshop, ‘Masterclass: How to Recruit Sales People’, which is designed to help business owners gain confidence in selecting the right people for their organization.

Offering a range of workshops, keynotes, and training to help companies scale their sales teams and provide leadership teams with the tools to take themselves and their teams to the next level, Klyn’s website relaunch will mark her extensive brand refresh and renewed vigor to assist others in achieving and exceeding objectives they previously thought impossible.

Klyn said, “I’m on tour in 72 cities in 2024, mostly helping business owners within the legal field, recruiting field, and healthcare learn that sales isn’t a bad word…and that even when times are hard, we are one negotiation away from a higher quality business, life, and purpose on the planet.”

A recipient of numerous accolades and awards, including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and Women Who Take our Breath Away Award, Klyn’s upcoming virtual sales recruitment workshop on December 15th helps companies to attract and retain top sales talent, learn to source and screen high performers and develop a fool-proof hiring process.

Klyn’s ongoing battle with cystic fibrosis and diabetes has shaped her approach to business and helped her set an example for individuals to ask more of themselves and life when the world doesn’t seem to be working in their favor. Determined not to let her external circumstances define her, Klyn has become renowned in the business sphere for her impressive list of notable achievements, including:

  • Becoming a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming – Hypnotherapy emphasis (Association of NLP Accreditation)
  • Developing the proactive pipeline recruiting system and the ‘scale your sales force’ sales playbook system, generating more than $100 million in new revenue for companies.
  • Featured in hundreds of media programs and periodicals, including Forbes, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, and Success Magazine.
  • Delivered hundreds of highly rated presentations, helping entrepreneurs and executives achieve what they never before thought possible.

At the newly updated, individuals will find a selection of her highly acclaimed keynote speeches, workshops, retreats, and consultations, such as:

‘Scale Your Sales Force’

Business owners will learn how to create their custom sales playbook that will efficiently shorten the training cycle of new sales hires and improve the KPIs of those already on their team. Additionally, Klyn will discuss increasing closing ratios, shortening transaction time, improving transaction size, increasing customer satisfaction, and developing an effective process that motivates and incentivizes employees.

‘Total Reset’

The Total Reset equips sales, high-performance, and leadership teams with tools to improve focus, productivity, and resilience. Together, Klyn will work with individuals to establish a pattern-breaking approach that removes all obstacles, cleanses the past emotional blocks that stunt success and relationships, and helps them create a high-performance process that easily tackles any challenge with enjoyment.

‘Live Like You’re Dying’ Keynote Speech

From Klyn’s personal experiences living in hospitals for months at a time and speaking with patients and families of the terminally ill, an audience will hear about best practices on overcoming challenges, lessons learned from the most dire of situations, and receive uplifting yet tangible takeaways they can implement on the job immediately.

In this highly requested Keynote, listeners will learn ‘3 Ways Adversity Can Destroy You or Fuel You’, how to ‘Broaden Solution Options in Times of Difficulty,’ and a technique to deepen any fractured relationships easily and effortlessly.

Two-Day Workshops

Using tactics rooted in neuroscience, these two-day events get members of organizations out of their typical space, both physically and mentally. Companies will spend time getting to know each other on a more intimate level and learning how to optimize the performance of their sales teams.

Klyn’s team will coordinate lodging, dining, and other necessary amenities to ensure that teams avoid the stress and can focus on learning methods for increasing closing ratios, transaction time length reduction, transaction size improvement, how to increase customer satisfaction, and the process to motivate and incentivize employees.

More Information

Visit Kyln’s website,, to learn more about her upcoming Virtual Workshop on Friday, December 15th, which is designed to help recruit salespeople and the 72 tour dates she’s already booked for 2024.



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