Bees360 Helps Insurers Minimize LAE with AWS

Drone-assisted property inspection solution relies on AWS to help exemplify ease of implementation, integration, reliability, and security.

HOUSTON, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bees360, provider of drone-assisted property inspection solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to highlight a recently-released profile on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) customer stories for innovative technology and contributions to the insurance industry.

In the U.S., 88 percent of homeowners have homeowner’s insurance to cover property losses. Traditionally, property insurance and claims inspections have been costly due to manual execution by specialized professionals with sometimes biased interpretations. Leveraging drone and AI technologies, Bees360 replaces manual inspection operations with modern technology designed to deliver precision in every pixel and position insurers to be more innovative.

“The introduction of unmanned aircraft management regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has presented new business opportunities in the insurance sector,” said Andy Liu, founder and CEO at Bees360. “Leveraging drone and AI technologies was a natural solution to the many challenges inherent to underwriting and claims property inspections.”

The Bees360 platform is built on AWS using a range of AWS serverless and managed services. Working collaboratively with AWS, Bees360 provides reliable storage and processing of various types of structured data in property inspections for homeowner’s insurance. The comprehensive data security and compliance offered by AWS helps Bees360 provide products and services with information protection built into critical processes.

“We needed the back-end infrastructure to support the vast amounts of data and processing power for our AI technology,” said Liu. “AWS was the only option that could not only provide the computing power we needed, but also the security protocols for ensuring data integrity.”

The full Bees360 case study can be found on Amazon’s AWS Solutions Site.

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