Need a Doctor’s Note? Now You Can Get One From Sesame

Whether you need to miss class or work, or document your ability to travel (and much more), healthcare providers at Sesame can now quickly, easily and seamlessly provide you with the official medical documentation you need.

NEW YORK CITY, Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sesame, the company building a radically new healthcare system for uninsured Americans and those with high-deductible plans, today has unveiled a new convenience feature for its patients and healthcare providers, enabling the fast, easy and seamless creation of official documentation – also known as a doctor’s note.

Typically, to get a doctor’s note, Americans need to book a primary care visit (with long waiting times), or visit an urgent care center (which is quite expensive).  Neither is a good option for cash-paying patients (whether uninsured or enrolled in high-deductible insurance plans), or workers in industries like manufacturing, construction, transportation and hospitality, where doctor’s notes for simple maladies are required to remain in good standing. 

Doctor’s notes are fast and free of charge with any paid consultation at Sesame (which start as low as $30 for most Americans, and just $29 for the hundreds of millions of Costco Members), and cover a range of use cases such as school, work, travel, referrals and much more.  Notes are subject to the evaluation and discretion of the care provider and will only cover legitimate reasons and causes.  

In addition to price and quality, patients seeking a doctor’s note through Sesame will appreciate the speed - the vast majority of appointments in the Sesame marketplace take place within just two hours of scheduling.

Medical documents from Sesame come in a PDF on Sesame letterhead and can be used for a number of situations, including:

  • Excuses for work (absences, duty restrictions, etc.)
  • Excuses for school
  • Letter of medical necessity
  • Specialist and imaging (e.g., MRI, CT Scan) referrals
  • Ability-to-travel authorizations

“As more Americans consolidate their care with Sesame because of its market-leading price points and incredible convenience, we will continue to build out features that will make Sesame the place for all your health care needs,” said Christophe Gillet, Sesame’s chief product officer.  “At the same time, we recognize that providers join our ranks because Sesame uniquely enables them to focus on patient care without the hassle of insurance and billing.  Easy-to-use features like Doctor’s Notes are a small, but prime, example.”

What is Sesame?

Sesame has built a unique healthcare marketplace, connecting thousands of outpatient healthcare providers covering all 50 United States with American consumers seeking high quality, convenient medical care at half the price of what is typical.

By bringing marketplace dynamics to consumer healthcare for the first time, Sesame has created an environment where providers actually compete to serve patients, regardless of the patient’s insurance status.  The resulting competition lowers the price of care, drives complete price transparency, provides ready access to health providers (the vast majority of appointments on Sesame take place within two hours), and ensures a high-quality consumer experience with top-rated providers.

The Sesame marketplace is comprised of physicians and other licensed clinicians in more than 40 health specialties, labs and imaging centers, and is inclusive of both virtual and in-person care. Sesame providers also speak more than 40 different languages.


Sesame is building a radically new healthcare system for uninsured Americans and those with high-deductible plans. The company's marketplace replaces historically inefficient, expensive healthcare with a direct connection – either virtually or in-person – between patients and physicians. This direct connection enables Sesame to offer doctor visits, labs, imaging and prescription drugs at half the price. Sesame is backed by private equity investors that include GV, Virgin Group, General Catalyst and Giant Ventures. The company was ranked #1 by Healthline for overall care in 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as best for doctor choice in 2023 by Forbes and most affordable telehealth in 2023 by CNET.  For more information, visit


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