CareSource investing in programs and partnerships to support Georgia Pathways to Coverage Medicaid program

CareSource expanding Life Services® program and partnerships with First Step Staffing and Goodwill to empower low-income Georgians with job resources, educational opportunities, vocational counseling and more.

Atlanta, Georgia, Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With Georgia Pathways to Coverage™ positioned to help low-income individuals qualify for Medicaid who are not otherwise eligible for traditional Medicaid, CareSource is assisting its members in adapting to new Medicaid eligibility requirements for this new program. CareSource, a mission-driven Medicaid plan serving more than 450,000 Georgians, has created a new Georgia Pathways Life Services® Coach position and expanded partnerships with First Step Staffing and Goodwill to provide increased resources for potential Georgia Pathways enrollees.

“We are excited about the investments we are making to support the Georgia Pathways to Coverage™ program, which will extend Medicaid health benefits Georgians in need,” said Jason Bearden, CareSource Georgia president. “CareSource Life Services® as well as our exciting new partnerships will support our members by providing education and professional opportunities to enhance their overall well-being and help them achieve their life goals and serve as a valuable complement to the new Pathways program. We extend our gratitude to Governor Kemp, Commissioner Carlson and many others for their leadership in ensuring that more Georgians can access critical healthcare under the Medicaid program.”

CareSource Life Services® program offers a wide range of resources and counseling to members seeking assistance with Georgia Pathways to Coverage™ qualifying activities. These include engaging in one or more of the following activities for 80 hours per month: employment, self-employment, on-the-job training, job readiness assistance, community service, vocational educational training, enrollment in an institution of higher education and participation with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA).

CareSource is expanding its support for Georgia Pathways through an increased partnership with First Step Staffing Services, which connects potential job applicants with employment opportunities and provides economic opportunities to those experiencing a wide array of circumstances such as homelessness, previous incarceration or poverty which have prevented them from securing employment.

“First Step Staffing is thrilled about the Georgia Pathways to coverage program,” said Amelia Nickerson, chief executive officer of First Step Staffing. “Good health and wellbeing are essential to ensuring long-term success of the populations that First Step and CareSource serve. We are proud of our partnership with CareSource and the ability to provide our clients with the opportunity to achieve physical, mental and economic well-being.”

CareSource is also launching a partnership with Goodwill to identify members who may be eligible for Pathways to equip them with employment opportunities, training, Post-GED support, community outreach events and customized support plans to help them achieve eligibility. CareSource will be a co-sponsor at identified job fairs, career fairs, community workshops and other outreach events that Goodwill offers.

“Embracing a comprehensive, person-centered strategy to workforce development, Goodwill provides more than training and employment – we are committed to uplifting the individuals we serve,” said Veronica Styron, vice president of Mission Services at Goodwill Southeast Georgia. “Engaging mission-centered partners like Goodwill and CareSource, the Georgia Pathways to Coverage program is poised to create a ready and prepared workforce. Through this collaboration, we will extend access to resources and demonstrate a shared dedication to nurturing all aspects of an individual’s well-being.”

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