RHR International Announces Jessica Bigazzi Foster as New CEO; Dante Capitano Assumes Role of Chairman in CEO Succession

The leadership consulting firm, which used its own succession services to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a future-focus, continues its mission to unlock the potential in all leaders with its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.

CHICAGO, Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RHR International (RHR), pioneers in organizational psychology with nearly 80 years of experience in global leadership consulting, has announced the appointment of Jessica Bigazzi Foster, Ph.D., as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective today. With a proven track record and extensive experience, Foster, who most recently served as President overseeing the firm's operational and commercial activities, will assume the pivotal role of CEO. This transition underscores RHR's commitment to excellence in CEO succession and dedication to leadership development beyond organizational boundaries. Dante Capitano, the current CEO, will transition to the position of Chairman.

“As we approach our ninth decade in business, we are well-positioned to build from our successes while thoughtfully evolving and innovating for the future," said Jessica Bigazzi Foster, incoming CEO. “I’m excited to steward our next phase of growth, supported by a dedicated and mission-driven team. RHR is a truly special place with the most talented leadership experts in the world. We have limitless potential to grow our reach and support more leaders in solving their most significant business challenges."

RHR has guided their own succession process with the same care and rigor they demonstrate with their clients. “I am grateful to Dante (CEO), Tom (Board Chair), and our Board of Directors for running a textbook succession process,” said Foster. “They have truly lived our values and afforded me every opportunity to maintain the momentum and successes of my predecessors.”

Dante Capitano, in his new role as Chairman, will continue to guide RHR’s future. His shift underscores RHR's belief in the responsibility leaders have to look outside their four walls, emphasizing the significance of purpose-driven leadership in today's dynamic business landscape.

"I feel exceptionally fortunate to pass the torch to Jessica," said Dante Capitano, outgoing CEO and incoming Chairman. "Her outstanding talents are poised to play a pivotal role in propelling RHR to the next level of success. Jessica’s extensive commercial experience, unrelenting curiosity, and inclusive leadership approach are just a glimpse of the formidable strengths she brings to her new enterprise-wide role. Jessica, alongside the leadership team, is strategically positioned to ensure RHR’s great success in the years to come. With Jessica at the helm, I am confident in the bright future that awaits our organization."

Before joining RHR International, Foster was a professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Purdue University. She holds a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in the same field from Rice University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Davidson College.

"The importance of excellent leadership at RHR is more significant than ever. We are proud to have elected Jessica as CEO, and we are immensely confident in her ability to lead RHR in an ever-changing world. Her commitment to our mission and values will further cement our role in shaping leaders who shape the world,” said Thomas J. Saporito, outgoing Chairman of RHR’s Board.

About RHR International
For nearly 80 years, RHR International has been a globally respected leadership consulting firm composed of behavioral scientists and practitioners dedicated to helping founders, board members, executives, business teams, and HR professionals master the art and science of leadership. RHR’s solutions use the combined power of psychology, business expertise, and the newest technologies to build robust leadership succession pipelines through world-class assessments and coaching/development programs. RHR believes leadership is a crucial force for good in the world, and our mission is to unlock the potential in every leader.

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