Self Storage Development Achieves Net Zero Carbon Certification, the First of Its Kind in Canada

Vancouver, BC, Dec. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Self Storage, in partnership with the Nicola Wealth Real Estate (NWRE) team, is proud to announce their Maple Meadows project, a groundbreaking Net Zero Carbon Self Storage Building located in Maple Ridge, B.C., has achieved a significant milestone - certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Net Zero Carbon is an increasingly prominent concept strategically aiming to balance carbon emissions produced with emissions removed or offset. It focuses on reducing the carbon footprint associated with various activities, including building construction and operation, with global implications for sustainability efforts.

The certification from CaGBC underscores Nicola Wealth’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and Advanced Self Storage’s adherence to the stringent Zero Carbon Building Design and Performance Standard. Josh Anderson, Vice President, Development at NWRE, remarks, "Maple Meadows represents a significant achievement in our portfolio, showcasing our ability to lead and execute innovative projects that align with our values and meet high sustainability standards." This positions the Maple Meadows development as a trailblazing example of sustainable construction in the Canadian self-storage space, showcasing its dedication to environmental responsibility.

Advanced Self Storage's Sustainable Measures

The Advanced Self Storage Maple Meadows facility showcases its dedication to sustainability through a range of energy conservation measures, including:

  1. All-electric systems eliminate reliance on fossil fuels.
  2. High-efficiency air-source heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling.
  3. An 82.5% efficient energy recovery ventilation system.
  4. High-quality curtainwall glazing to minimize heat loss and enhance energy efficiency.
  5. Energy-efficient low-power LED lighting with occupancy controls.
  6. A mixed air system with an economizer mode for optimal cooling.
  7. 100 kW solar PV panels on the roof providing 100% of annual operational energy.
  8. Submetering installations for real-time monitoring of energy use.

Tangible Benefits and Achievements

Maple Meadows' certification aligns with its impressive achievements:

  • A remarkable 99% reduction in operational greenhouse gas emissions, with the remaining 1% attributed to BC Hydro.
  • Anticipated annual operational energy savings of $55,000.
  • A substantial annual generation of 164.6 MWh of renewable solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity.
  • Complete elimination of natural gas usage within the facility.
  • A steadfast commitment to a low embodied carbon design.
  • The potential to provide a one-time embodied carbon credit following the first year of operations.

Setting a Sustainable Standard

With this certification, Advanced Self Storage is establishing a benchmark for sustainable construction practices in the self-storage industry and emphasizing the commitment of Advanced Self Storage and the NWRE team to promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

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