Diffblue Announces Citi as a Strategic Investor

Leader in helping world’s leading financial services companies automate routine tasks to improve customer experience and increase developer productivity

OXFORD, United Kingdom, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diffblue, creators of the world’s first fully autonomous AI-for-code software, today announced the closing of a strategic investment from Citi Institutional Strategic Investments. Diffblue’s solution, Diffblue Cover fully automates the writing of Java unit test code, which allows customers to ship higher quality software faster, with lower risk. Citi is a commercial partner of Diffblue. 

“We’re very pleased to have the backing of Citi,” said Mathew Lodge, CEO of Diffblue. “The Citi team is solving some big software challenges and they are among the most sophisticated and forward looking of the major banks in their approach to using AI.”  

Sandeep Arora, Head of Digital Client Channels and Emerging Capabilities for Citi, said, “Consistent with Citi’s strategy to invest in emerging technologies, we are excited to become a strategic investor in Diffblue.”

Lodge pointed out that one of Diffblue’s major advantages – and unique value proposition – is that its product can work fully autonomously, writing complete test programs at large scale. While Diffblue can write tens of thousands of lines of correct test code an hour, tools based on LLMs can only operate at the speed of the developer checking and correcting the code they suggest.

To see a demo of Diffuse Cover, please visit here. Experts at Diffblue will schedule a convenient time to show you how Diffblue Cover can:

  • Speed up modernization of your Java applications;
  • Protect your code from regressions;
  • Ship code with fewer customer-found defects;
  • Make life easier for your development teams;
  • Reduce the risk of code breakages in fragile applications;
  • Maximize unit test coverage;
  • Get new insights into your code’s testability and health

Java Developers using IntelliJ who would like to try Diffblue Cover can download the free Diffblue Community Edition from the plugin marketplace, or get a trial of the full product here.

About Diffblue
Diffblue is a leading pioneer of software creation through the power of AI. Founded by researchers from the University of Oxford, Diffblue Cover uses AI for Code to solve the problem of effective unit testing. Capable of writing unit tests 250x faster than a human developer, Cover helps software teams improve code quality, expand test coverage and increase productivity, so they can ship software faster, more frequently, with fewer defects. Follow us on Twitter: @diffblueHQ

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