Glasswing Ventures Unveils Proprietary Framework to Demystify Artificial Intelligence and Empower Business Leaders and Investors Alike

The Glasswing AI Palette helps business leaders understand AI through the lens of use cases, enables investors to identify differentiated products

BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glasswing Ventures, a first-capital-in venture capital firm investing in startups that leverage frontier technology and artificial intelligence (AI), today unveiled the Glasswing AI Palette at Fortune Brainstorm AI. Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner of Glasswing Ventures, will speak at the event today.

Developed by the firm’s investment team, the Glasswing AI Palette demystifies AI by outlining and explaining key architectures, techniques, and training methodologies. By showing how these facets work together, the Glasswing AI Palette helps business leaders make decisions about the AI-native products their teams are building and enables investors to assess the defensibility of potential investments.

Glasswing invests in early-stage startups building AI-native products for the enterprise and cybersecurity markets. The Glasswing AI Palette reflects the firm’s deep expertise as technologists, builders, operators, and originalist investors in frontier technology and AI.

“We are excited to open-source the Glasswing AI Palette, our proprietary framework for mapping the different facets of AI and machine learning,” said Rudina Seseri. “We have proudly led the charge in the frontier technology and AI investment landscape since 2010 with a thesis-driven approach and a focus on the enterprise and cybersecurity markets. The Glasswing AI Palette reflects the expertise our team has developed over many years of evaluating, investing in, and supporting transformative companies.”

Learn more about the Glasswing AI Palette here.

About Glasswing Ventures:
Glasswing Ventures is a first-capital-in venture capital firm dedicated to investing in the next generation of frontier technology and AI startups that enable the rise of the intelligent enterprise. The firm was founded by visionary partners with decades of experience in these markets, a disciplined investment approach, and a strong track record of industry-leading returns. Glasswing leverages its deep domain expertise and world-leading advisory councils to invest in exceptional founders who transform markets and revolutionize industries.

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