BTSE CEO Henry Liu Highlights Taiwan's Role in Digital Finance at Curve Summit Taipei 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amid the vibrant atmosphere of Taipei Blockchain Week 2023, BTSE's CEO, Henry Liu, took the stage at the Curve Summit Taipei 2023 to speak about the evolving digital finance landscape, with a special focus on Taiwan's burgeoning role in this sector. This comes in the wake of the Taiwan central bank's recent completion of a wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC) feasibility study, reflecting the nation's commitment to financial technology innovation.

His insights came at a time when BTSE is exploring new opportunities in the region, including the potential establishment of a separate, strategically aligned local entity.

“Taiwan's rich talent pool, particularly in engineering and technology, is a cornerstone for BTSE's expansion plans in the region. We plan to step up hiring so that we can better innovate and grow globally,” said Liu. “We believe that by integrating this skilled workforce with our global team, we can achieve new heights in digital finance innovation.”

Throughout Taipei Blockchain Week and at the Curve Summit, discussions centered on Taiwan's advancements in digital currency and payment modernization, highlighting the country's readiness for embracing fintech innovations. BTSE's interest in Taiwan is driven by these developments, positioning the company to explore significant roles in the digital asset domain.

In his address, Liu outlined BTSE's diverse service offerings, which extend beyond the conventional scope of a crypto exchange. With solutions encompassing liquidity, wallet services, and fiat-to-crypto gateways, BTSE is keen on adapting its infrastructure to meet the specific needs of different markets.

Liu's participation in Curve Summit 2023 and the broader Taipei Blockchain Week underscore BTSE's interest in Taiwan's digital finance landscape. The company's consideration of establishing an independent platform in Taiwan is a subtle nod to its strategic planning, aligning with the region's flourishing digital asset market.

BTSE is gearing up for significant milestones in 2024, including the launch of a perpetual futures DEX and global USD card issuance solutions; innovations like advanced copy trading bots, and expanding its corporate presence with a Dubai office. These initiatives signify BTSE's commitment to leading the fusion of traditional and digital finance on a global scale.

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