APR Supply Co. Selects Blitzz’s App-Free Video Support to Help Contractors Grow Their Business Faster

APR Supply Co. uses live video and augmented reality (AR) to offer technical guidance from afar so contractors can eliminate hourslong site visits and scale their business

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blitzz, the app-free mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced APR Supply Co., a fourth-generation, full service distributor of HVAC, plumbing, PVF, hydronics, irrigation, and landscape lighting supplies, will use its video support technology to offer quick and easy product and technical support for contractors.

A 101-year-old wholesaler, APR Supply Co. has an extensive footprint: 42 branch locations, 11 showrooms, and a central distribution center across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. In the past, when contractors had an issue with equipment, APR Supply Co. would either send a dedicated support vehicle to the contractor’s location or try to resolve the issue over a phone call. Support vehicles required long and costly trips, which could be scheduled days or weeks out. Phone calls relied on sometimes confusing verbal descriptions of technical issues or design questions because participants weren’t able to see the equipment in question.

With Blitzz’s live, one-click, app-free video support software, an APR Supply Co. Technical Service Advisor (TSA) simply sends the contractor a link via SMS text message. Once clicked, the TSA can instantly see live video streaming through the contractor’s smartphone camera, allowing them to visually assess the problem and collaborate via an interactive video call without the need for third party video services like Zoom, Webex, or Teams. Both parties can use augmented reality (AR) to draw on the screen in real-time and identify points of interest.

“I once traveled hours to fix a wiring issue that could have easily been solved in minutes using video. That’s a lot of time and expense for a very simple fix,” said Ken Kramer, Technical Service Advisor at APR Supply Co. “Blitzz helps us address questions and issues from contractors faster and remotely, allowing contractors to get back to their project quickly—sometimes within minutes.”

Blitzz provides the following benefits for APR Supply Co.:

  • Eliminate 10% of truck rolls: Because APR Supply Co. can solve issues from afar, it has reduced its monthly truck rolls by 10%. The company also saves 6-8 hours each month when it doesn’t need to send a dedicated support vehicle – ultimately saving on transportation and overhead costs.
  • Improved communication: Blitzz gets APR Supply Co.’s Technical Service Advisors’ eyes on the problem immediately. AR allows APR Supply Co. and contractors to mark points of interest on the screen, eliminating confusing verbal cues.
  • Better organization: TSA’s can take photos while connected with contractors, making it faster and easier for them to document service cases.
  • Faster problem solving: Because APR Supply Co. can see what the contractor can see in the field, issues are resolved faster. Questions that could have taken days or weeks to address through a site visit can now be solved in minutes.

“Contractors can’t wait for hours or days to receive the help they need to keep their projects running smoothly. The faster they can get support, the quicker they can resolve their issues, and the happier their customers will be,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “Blitzz helps APR Supply Co. build on its incredible legacy of customer service and add even more value to its contractor partnerships.”

For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

For more information about APR Supply Co., visit www.aprsupply.com.

About Blitzz
Blitzz is an ingenious app-free way to let remote technicians and support agents troubleshoot problems by seeing through an onsite smartphone camera: The technician or support agent texts a link, the customer clicks it, and then both are looking through the camera together. Blitzz helps companies save time and money by empowering customer support, field service and sales teams to get technical troubleshooting, inspection, audits, insurance claims, maintenance, and more done faster and safer. It facilitates millions of minutes of video monthly across a range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, construction, power and utilities, insurance, and more. For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

About APR Supply Co.
APR Supply Co. is headquartered in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. A fourth-generation, full service distributor of HVAC, plumbing, PVF, hydronics, irrigation, and landscape lighting supplies. For more information about APR Supply Co., visit www.aprsupply.com.

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