Parsons Merges Artificial Intelligence To Deliver Combat Advantage

CHANTILLY, Va., Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) is using artificial intelligence (AI) to combine combat-tested technologies with historically challenging Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) capabilities to deliver combat advantage to warfighters operating at the tactical edge.

Through extensive capability upgrades and enhancements, the company has released a stand-alone version of software to define advantageous placement and configuration of diverse and advanced CEMA sensors and effectors. Parsons developed the software to optimize the combat advantage planning to simulate the CEMA environment and identify optimal sensor placement and configuration.

This solution has been integrated into live events conducted by the U.S. Army where it assisted soldiers in developing course of actions for missions using live, virtual, and simulated sensors and intelligence data.

“Our software provides our warfighters with a force-multiplier for planning real-time CEMA missions,” said Joe Zirilli, vice president of artificial intelligence for Parsons. “The maximization of CEMA effectiveness for future missions is no longer feasible without the aid of these algorithms combined with innovative methods for visualizing the environment.”

TEMPO uses scalable evolutionary and adaptive gradient algorithms that Parsons has successfully applied to other complex problems. This innovation is highlighted by a geospatial effectiveness visualizer that offers users deep insight into a proposed course of action and allows users to adjust mission priorities, equipment allocations, and geographical deployment zones to align solutions with mission needs.

Understanding the CEMA Environment is essential for modern military operations, providing significant tactical advantage in the all-domain battlespace. Parsons is leveraging decades of artificial intelligence expertise to deliver tactical solutions at the speed and scale of combat.

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