GeneType's Groundbreaking Saliva Test Transforms Early Disease Detection, Paving the Way for Personalized Wellness

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genetic Technologies (GTG) is proud to provide details of a series of recent transformative initiatives. Our commitment to advancing early detection of serious diseases through a revolutionary non-invasive saliva test has been recently showcased on several national Australian media channels. These segments highlight geneType's potential to shape the future of proactive health management.

Precision Medicine Takes Flight at Gold Coast Private Hospital (Ch 9 Media link to Video)

On Australian free to air television, Channel 9 News recently featured geneType's pioneering Precision & Preventive Medicine Clinic, marking a milestone in healthcare. Situated at Gold Coast Private Hospital, in Queensland, this clinic is the first of its kind in Australia, representing a fusion of cutting-edge technology and healthcare excellence. The clinic's establishment marks a significant leap forward in the integration of precision medicine into everyday healthcare practices.

To kickstart this revolutionary journey, geneType is initiating a 50-patient pilot study at Gold Coast Private Hospital. This partnership will establish a seamless workflow and patient reporting system, utilizing geneType's multi-risk test combined with Pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests. The result is a comprehensive wellness profile tailored to the unique needs of Gold Coast Private Hospital patients, setting a new standard in personalized healthcare.

The entire suite of diseases will be available to pilot participants including cancers such as breast, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, and melanoma and cardiovascular diseases such and coronary artery disease and atrial fibrillation and Type 2 diabetes.

Shining a Spotlight on Melanoma Detection (Ch 7 Media link to Video)

To highlight the importance of early detection, and therefore saving lives, geneType's world-first risk assessment test for Melanoma was recently featured on Channel 7's The Morning Show, a channel available on Australian free to air television, geneType ambassador, Deborah Hutton (Australian personality), shared her personal battle with melanoma, emphasizing the critical role of screening in the fight against this deadly disease.

University of Melbourne Partnership

GTG’s commitment to innovation continues with a groundbreaking partnership with the University of Melbourne. Genetic Technologies Limited has been named commercial partner for a $2.4 million Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant funded trial, named CASSOWARY (CAncer genomic riSk ScOres in primARY Care). This multi-site study, led by Professor Jon Emery, aims to assess the viability of using geneType to evaluate genetic vulnerability to breast, colorectal, prostate, and melanoma cancers. As the sole commercial partner, GTG has positioned geneType at the forefront of transforming DNA testing into a cost-effective, efficient tool for personalized cancer risk management.

Professor Jon Emery notes, "DNA testing is pivotal in the prevention and early detection of cancer, allowing doctors to offer personalized risk management strategies."

GTG remains committed to pushing the boundaries of genomics, transforming the landscape of early disease detection, and empowering individuals to take control of their health journey.


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