Over 16 Million FAN Tokens Staked on Film.io

Film.io grants exclusive early access to more fans and creators earning coveted FAN Tokens to shape the Film.io DAO

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Film.io, the world’s most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, today announced huge support and enthusiasm from those who participated in Phase I of early access with over 16 Million FAN Tokens staked to date. Due to overwhelming demand and waitlist sign-ups, it will be granting exclusive early access to creators and fans on the waitlist.

Film.io uses blockchain to gamify engagement and revolutionize DRM and decision-making in the filmmaking process by giving power to the Creators and fans to reshape this new Hollywood. The platform allows IP protection with its proprietary Vault Lock technology protecting original ideas by recording all entries of a project on an immutable public record. Creators originality is supported with a free and secure QR code leading back to an immutable record stored on the blockchain.

The adoption of the platform and the unprecedented growing creator and fan community led to the decision to begin onboarding those from the waitlist before the main launch. Film.io’s Early Access is a limited opening of the platform reserved exclusively for their early adopter pioneers to be among the first to claim FAN Tokens, and be a part of an entirely reinvented Hollywood on the blockchain.

Similarly to the first phase of Film.io’s early access, those newly gaining access to the platform can earn FAN Token rewards, participate in contests and airdrops, receive exclusive filmmaker behind-the-scenes, trailer drops, artwork reveals, NFT launches and more! Those joining the platform before main launch will earn more decision-making power and influence within the Film.io DAO as the platform evolves.

"Almost 16 million FAN Tokens have been staked by creators and fans who joined during early access, demonstrating a growing excitement around the platform and Film.io DAO," said Corey Hertz, Co-Creator of Film.io and the Chief Product Officer at Ingredient X. “It's an incredible time to be on the platform as early adopters pioneer a new Hollywood built on the blockchain.”

Fans entering the platform are empowered to govern the filmmaking industry, as they automatically become Film.io DAO members with the power to greenlight the entertainment they want to see and participate in governance proposals for the ecosystem and industry as a whole. Fans can explore creator projects and are encouraged to stake FAN Tokens, helping their favorite project to move through Film.io’s pre-defined filmmaking process. Staked FAN Tokens act as a vote, awarding reputation to the fan while allowing a project to move through the Film.io ecosystem.

Creators on the platform will use FAN Tokens to join and participate in the Film.io DAO, allowing them to submit their film or TV projects as “proposals” while asking fans to show their support for the projects by staking their tokens. The progress of projects is measured through the innovative Go Score™—a ranking system designed by Film.io and a project’s success fingerprint. The Go Score represents aggregate totals from fan collaboration with token stakes, project reviews, project shares and a host of other in-platform gamified engagements engineered to better predict a project’s success. As a project’s Go Score increases, it moves through Film.io’s ecosystem, bringing it closer to unlocking opportunities like production, funding, distribution, and other filmmaking tools—while gaining market validation and building a fanbase. The platform is introducing new opportunities for film investors and producers to fund diverse projects and their engaged fan base.

Interested in joining the next wave of Filmioids to be a part of paving the way to a new Hollywood governed by creators and fans? Join the waitlist here.

About Film.io
Film.io is the world’s most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, placing Hollywood decision-making into the hands of creators and fans. Film.io leverages blockchain technology and fan collaboration to provide filmmakers with an end-to-end solution for creating, funding and distributing their projects.

Film.io liberates film and TV creators and replaces centralized power with collaboration and inclusivity. Film.io’s platform allows creators to submit projects as proposals, build audiences and receive market validation, expanding access to funding and licensing. It empowers fans to vote on film and TV projects by staking Film.io’s native FAN Token to projects they support and allows film investors, studios and streamers to scout market-validated projects with pre-developed audiences and analytics. FAN Tokens are the governance and platform token used to join and participate in the DAO as well as other platform activities.

Film.io is owned by the Global Creativity Foundation and was originally created by Ingredient X, a film and software development studio specializing in blockchain, DeFi and NFT technologies. Ingredient X leverages the power of the fully decentralized Film.io ecosystem to produce original Film, TV and NFT projects, including the critically acclaimed Star Wars autobiographical coming-of-age comedy, “5-25-77”, the film “Crypto” starring Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, and Kurt Russell, Blood Window Award NFT digital collectibles of 15 original pieces created by famed artist Flavio Greco Paglia — recognized worldwide for his mind-bending illustrations within the science fiction and horror genre, and “Landmarks Live In Concert”, a hybrid travelog and music documentary series hosted by Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, featuring renowned musicians such as K.D. Lang, Alicia Keys and Foo Fighters.

For more information and to support projects like these, visit https://film.io/
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