Extensiv Announces Extensiv Edge 2024 and Honors 2023 Customer Award Winners

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) — delivering omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management — today announced the winners of its inaugural customer awards program. Extensiv announced the winners during the Extensiv Edge user conference held in Park City, Utah. Extensiv also announced the plan for the 2024 Extensiv Edge user conference taking place in San Diego, CA, on June 3-5, 2024, where Extensiv users can learn about industry trends, network with other Extensiv users, and grow their businesses leveraging industry-leading product technology. The customer awards and the investment into the Edge conference demonstrate Extensiv’s continued focus on customer experience and advancing how brands and third-party logistics (3PLs) providers connect to navigate the changing world of fulfillment.

The awards spotlight customers who best execute the most significant trends in technology and are building long-term, sustained success in the fulfillment industry. During this period of rapid change in the 3PL industry, Extensiv is seeing customers accelerate their growth through a range of strategies:

  • Specialization to deliver on market opportunities, such as hazardous materials, cold chain, and Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • Improved labor efficiency will create a competitive advantage for warehouse operators.
  • An orientation toward data, supplemented by the ability to quickly adopt emerging technology that helps evolve operations to take advantage of insights.
  • Ability to adopt new fulfillment strategies, including emerging business models such as 4PLs, to accelerate growth by delivering faster and more cost-effectively.

The outsized growth of this year’s award winners shows that their ability to execute on these macro trends results in increased market share and customer satisfaction.

“We work with some of the most innovative brands and 3PLs on the planet on transformative fulfillment initiatives. It is inspiring to see how they have navigated changes in the industry and evolved their businesses,” said Carolyn Sparano, VP of Customer Success at Extensiv. “With challenges ranging from excess inventory to inflation, many of our customers have not only survived but found innovative new ways to thrive. Extensiv Edge gives us the opportunity to recognize our customers’ innovation and bring together industry leaders to connect and network.”

The 2023 Extensiv Customer Awards highlight customer success in productivity, innovation, growth, utilization, omnichannel achievement, and collaboration.

The winners of Extensiv Edge’s 2023 Customer Awards are:

  • Powerhouse Award: Averitt Express: The Powerhouse Award celebrates organizations that have demonstrated the highest gains in productivity. Extensiv chose Averitt Express due to its usage of analytics, resulting in a 25% reduction in labor costs, which saved 60 picking hours each day. Averitt Express is also the inspiration behind the Extensiv Labor Analytics dashboard, launched in February 2023. Averitt Express is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management with international reach to more than 100 countries. Based in Cookeville, TN. Averitt's “Power of One” service structure provides shippers access to LTL, Truckload, Dedicated Distribution and fulfillment, and Integrated services that cover every link in the supply chain.
  • Rising Star: Marketplace Valet: The Rising Star Award celebrates organizations that have been customers for less than two years and have achieved the highest growth percentage. Marketplace Valet was chosen as the winner, given its 3000% growth in order volume over the past 24 months. Marketplace Valet, based in Corona, CA, simplifies the process of selling products on multiple online marketplaces, allowing customers to focus on product development or sourcing while Marketplace Valet focuses on getting products listed and sold.
  • Cutting Edge Award: Brilliant Fulfillment: The Cutting Edge Award celebrates innovators who are the first to partner in the ongoing development of Extensiv software as beta testers or first adopters of new features. Brilliant Fulfillment was named the winner, given its involvement in the highest number of beta programs over the last year and its continued openness to share input and feedback with Extensiv product managers. Brilliant Fulfillment is a woman-owned, temperature-controlled warehousing and fulfillment company based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Master of Operations Award: Quickbox Fulfillment:   Extensiv recognizes the customer with the best utilization of its full breadth of capabilities by awarding the Master of Operations Award. Extensiv chose Quickbox Fulfillment as the winner, given its use of a vast majority of Extensiv features and for processing the highest number of orders processed in the Extensiv platform. Quickbox Fulfillment, headquartered in Denver, CO, is a trusted third-party fulfillment of D2C and B2B brands, delivering a breadth of services to enable clients to focus on growing their brands.
  • Expansion Rockstar Award: Netrush: The fastest-growing 3PL receives the Expansion Rockstar Award. Extensiv named Netrush the winner due to its 662% increase in order volume. Netrush drives brand growth through supply chain execution, advertising, retail management, and technology. Netrush is based in Vancouver, WA.
  • Innovation Award: Fulfillment Ninjas: The Innovation Award celebrates an Extensiv Network Manager customer who has expanded its 4PL with the most customers. Fulfillment Ninjas was selected as a winner as it has added several new customers in less than one year. Fulfillment Ninjas, based in Garden Grove, CA, reduces shipping costs by offering low-cost domestic shipping, automating fulfillment by integrating with a company’s current e-commerce platform and supporting expansion in the US market by helping import customers’ goods.
  • The Founder’s Award: John and Nancy Watkins, JAM-N Logistics: The Founder’s Award goes to the founders of 3PL Central (now Extensiv), who pioneered our vision of creating the future of omnichannel fulfillment nearly 20 years ago. The winners, John Watkins and Nancy Rohman, founded, invested, and continuously supported Extensiv through the years and have since built another warehouse and logistics operation, JAM-N. Extensiv extends its deepest thanks to these influential innovators for investing and believing in the Extensiv mission, as we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them. JAM-N provides complete warehousing and distribution services from pick and pack operations to pallet load shipping and is based in Rancho Dominguez, CA.

“Extensiv was one of the early adopters focused on Network Manager and 4PL, which is what we envisioned for our business. We wanted to have a broader reach,” said Michael Tran, CEO and Founder of Fulfillment Ninjas. “I chose Extensiv primarily because of Network Manager. We have definitely saved money on postage for our customers and have also reduced delivery times, so those two benefits have been tremendous for us and our customers. Meeting different 3PLs at the Extensiv Edge event was beneficial to helping us grow our network.”

To further communicate its vision and highlight the incredible work of its customers, Extensiv plans to continue its customer awards program and present the awards at the annual Extensiv Edge user conference. To learn more about the event, please contact edge@extensiv.com.

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