LiveCare Inc. Ushers in a New Era of Telehealth in Dubai with Historic Licensing Achievement

Dubai, UAE, Dec. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a groundbreaking development, LiveCare Inc. (OTC: LVCE) proudly announces it has received the first-ever issued Provisional Approval Letter granted by the Government of Dubai, Dubai Healthcare City Authority Department (DHCA) to establish and operate telehealth services. This monumental achievement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of healthcare services in the region and heralds a new chapter of growth for LiveCare Inc. This first step towards establishing a telehealth center in Dubai Healthcare City, serving the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in the region, is subject to the completion of all licensing and other requirements prior to initiating operations.

The opportunity to help individuals in the Gulf region, starting in the United Arab Emirates, is especially timely considering the challenge to address the diabetes epidemic in the region. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reports that high prevalence rates of more than 20% for diabetes in the region are among the highest rates worldwide. With a population of over 56 million, it is estimated that the Gulf region is home to over 10 million people living with diabetes, further underscoring the urgency for innovative healthcare solutions.

LiveCare Inc.'s entry into the UAE healthcare market with its cutting-edge service-oriented approach is poised to address these growing concerns in the region as it does now in the USA. The company's remote patient monitoring and telehealth services are designed to cater to this significant portion of the population, offering convenient, timely, and effective disease management.

Max Rockwell, CEO of LiveCare Inc., expressed his optimism about this new venture: "Receiving the Provisional Approval Letter for our Telehealth center license from the DHCA is not just a milestone for LiveCare; it represents a beacon of hope and progress in the Gulf region’s healthcare sector. With nearly one million individuals afflicted with diabetes in the UAE alone, we are set to revolutionize patient care. This is a prime opportunity for LiveCare to showcase our commitment to innovative healthcare solutions, bridging the gap between technology and wellness while helping people."

LiveCare Inc.'s expansion into the UAE is a testament to the company's dedication to transforming the healthcare landscape. By leveraging advanced technology and a patient-centric approach, LiveCare is set to make a substantial impact on the health and well-being of the UAE's residents.

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LiveCare Inc. is a pioneer in telehealth and remote patient monitoring, committed to delivering superior healthcare services through innovative technology. With a focus on accessibility and efficiency, LiveCare is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and providing top-tier healthcare solutions.

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