Eden Grow Systems Introduces Dr. D. Marshall Porterfield as New Innovation Advisor

Dr. Porterfield, Professor of Biological Engineering & Space Biophysics at Purdue University, Will Provide Valuable Insight for the Company’s Next Gen Food Growth Products

Houston, TX, Dec. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eden Grow Systems, a NASA spinoff, today announced the appointment of Dr. D. Marshall Porterfield as the company’s new Innovation Advisor. Dr. Porterfield’s expertise, especially within the field of agricultural and biological engineering and controlled environment agriculture, will provide Eden Grow Systems with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge within the company’s closed-loop, self-sustaining system that provides self-reliance for families and communities where fresh food is not readily available or in the event of disaster. 

“In working with Eden Grow Systems we are now able to advance the green technologies needed to enable bioregenerative human habitation in space, and critically here on our earth for sustainable global agriculture,” said Dr. Porterfield. “We have to embrace the advanced concept of bioastronautics if we are going to compete with the Chinese/Russian lunar coalition. Eden Grow is now positioned to be the commercial provider for bioregenerative agriculture systems for the future American lunar outpost.”

Dr. Porterfield is a Professor of Biological Engineering & Space Biophysics at Purdue University and returned to the school after serving as Division Director for Space Life and Physical Sciences (SLPS) at NASA headquarters in Washington DC. He oversaw the Human Research, Physical Sciences, and Space Biology Programs including research and engineering assets at six NASA centers. During his time, he established the first open science, and advanced integrated omics research programs including NASA GeneLab and the NASA Twins Study.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Porterfield to Eden as our new Innovation Advisor,” said Bart Womack, Founder and CEO, Eden Grow Systems. “The projects on the near horizon with Dr. Porterfield are going to unleash the next generation of bio-regenerative life support systems. The fact is the United States has fallen sorely behind both Russia and China in the development of these systems. While our development of rocket technology with Space-X is inspiring and groundbreaking, we currently have no robust development of the life support systems that will sustain the explorers that will go into the great final frontier. Eden Grow Systems is poised to deliver the solutions that will allow for the exploration and settlement of space. With the initiation of projects both here in Houston and with major academic institutions around the country, we will make space livable.”

Eden Grow Systems recently announced the launch of a regulation crowdfunding campaign for the company’s innovative technology. Eden Grow Systems’ open crowdfunding campaign is providing investors with the opportunity to own a stake in its future and in advancing the AgTech ecosystem. The company is striving to raise money to empower people in the face of an increasingly challenging food supply chain, ensuring local, organic food is easy to source. Eden’s modular farming systems are empowering individuals, families, and businesses to innovate local food production that will allow them to easily grow their own food, wherever they are.


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About Eden Grow Systems

Eden Grow Systems is feeding the future by creating next-generation modular farming and survival systems. The company, based in Houston, Texas, adapts NASA technology and brings cutting-edge science down from space and into your home or in commercial settings. 

The company's Genesis System uses a combination of aquaponics and aeroponics to supply enough food, water, power, and fuel to support a family of four indefinitely. This makes it possible for every family to become completely independent when it comes to sourcing nourishment. The first module of that system, the Eden Grow Tower, produces a wide variety of crops, as well as fish for protein. The Eden Grow Tower is tiny but mighty: It's small enough to fit in a kitchen pantry and easily scalable for large grow operations. For more information, please visit www.edengrowsystems.com


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