Mercado Bitcoin Lists the Digital Cash eEUR Stablecoin From ARYZE

ARYZE is a multinational FinTech company headquartered in Denmark that promises to solve issues related to financial exclusion and lack of transparency in financial markets with the introduction of its suite of full reserve stablecoins, issued through its subsidiary ARYZE BVI, including Euro (eEUR), Dollar (eUSD) and Pound Sterling (eGBP)

SÃO PAULO, Brazil and COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mercado Bitcoin (MB), the largest digital asset platform in Latin America, has listed the token eEUR (ticker EEUR), a digital asset pegged to the euro and issued by ARYZE BVI. Known as Digital Cash, the eEUR is the first in a series of stablecoins developed by ARYZE, a pioneering multinational FinTech headquartered in Denmark focused on creating solutions that drive financial inclusion through digital assets and programmable money. Digital Cash stablecoins operate on various blockchain networks, and at MB can be found on the Polygon blockchain.

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Digital Cash from ARYZE are full reserve stablecoins, meaning that they are asset-backed with government bonds and cash ensuring 100% parity to the physical Euro.

"The partnership between companies that share similar values is very promising. We identified in ARYZE Digital Cash the desire to integrate into Web3 in a way that is facilitated for clients, with total protection and security for safe storage of value and with pioneering technology. All this converges with what MB practices every day, which is the key to the success of this listing," highlights Fabrício Tota, MB's Director of New Business.

Jack Nikogosian, ARYZE CEO, commented: "ARYZE is committed to advancing global financial inclusion to the approximately 2 billion people who lack access to basic financial services worldwide. The listing of our eEUR stablecoin with Brazil and in fact Latin America's largest digital assets exchange is a significant step forward."

The Digital Cash eEUR stablecoin is issued by ARYZE BVI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARYZE Denmark, operating from the well-established digital assets jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands, and fully compliant with relevant stablecoin regulations. Digital Cash operates consistently with a full reserve backing model, mitigating bank and counterparty risk and is over-collateralized. Digital Cash is the most responsible and cost-effective way to hold currencies and make money transfers more efficient.

MB is a pioneer in Brazil in tokenizing real-world assets (RWA). Surpassing more than R$ 450 million in tokenized assets and with a transaction volume of over R$ 30 million, the addition of Digital Cash advances innovative applications of RWA, as ARYZE BVI has built a digital representation of money itself.

About Mercado Bitcoin (MB): Mercado Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and alternative asset trading platform in Latin America, as well as Brazil's first crypto unicorn. The company is a member of the Brazilian Association of Cryptoeconomics (ABCripto) and adheres to the Code of Conduct and Self-Regulation in Money Laundering Prevention developed by the association. With 3.8 million clients, MB is transforming people's relationship with their money and democratizing access to alternative assets with liquidity and security.

About ARYZE: ARYZE is a multinational FinTech business dedicated to resolving global financial challenges and advancing financial inclusion for the unbanked population worldwide. ARYZE accomplishes this goal together with its strategic partners by offering a suite of proprietary blockchain-based products and services, including Digital Cash stablecoins issued by ARYZE BVI. ARYZE has been recognized for its innovative financial solutions with numerous awards, including “Best ESG/SDG Token,” “Forbes 30 Under 30 – Europe,” and “Most Innovative Financial Ecosystem Developer.”


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