La Maison Steel Makes its Retail Debut in Paris’ Famed Saint-Honoré Shopping District

PARIS, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first week of December, La Maison Steel made its retail debut in the heart of Paris’ Saint- Honoré shopping district, showcasing its SmrtKuff™ and archival collection at LECLAIREUR.                                                

The DTN SmrtKuff™ redefines the realm of accessories, seamlessly blending luxury and style with the Apple Watch®. Designed to complement any dress code, this innovative accessory effortlessly transitions into a design-forward fashion statement for the wrist. The SmrtKuff™ ensures both connectivity and privacy for its wearer as the watch face can be worn inside the wrist.                        

“Having been raised between the US and France, it was natural to begin distribution in the fashion capital of the world, which has deeply influenced and inspired my designs. Following years of development, I am thrilled to share a new way to wear the Apple Watch®, as well as our cutting-edge technology solution and digital product passports,” said founder, Nicole Steel.                        

The DTN SmrtKuff™ took years to perfect for comfort and strength. It required the invention of a proprietary new connector to withstand up to 14 Newtons of force. Compatible with the Apple Watch® Series 4-9, the SmrtKuff™ is offered in seven sizes, as well as various colors and materials like French leather. Completely customizable, the SmrtKuff™ can be tailored to a design with over 400 diamonds at Steel’s atelier in Paris.

While the EU is on the fast track to digital product passports, Steel offers an intuitive consumer experience for blockchain-registered digital authenticity. Steel provides smartphone wallet passes that digitally certify its authenticity and design materials. “Alongside design-forward solutions for wearables, we felt strongly that current and future generations will come to demand more transparency in what they purchase and how it is made. The SmrtKuff™ clients that I know personally are strong and independent, as well as stylish. It’s shaping up to be an inspiring community,” said Steel.                                                

Steel is the original luxury brand born “OnChain”, using proprietary technology to register all designs to the Polygon blockchain. Once the purchase and client are verified, a digital product passport is deployed that can be downloaded to the Apple Wallet. Aptly named the “Steel Passport”, these digital product passports assure clients of where and how the product was made, as well as safeguard against counterfeiting due to the immutability of blockchain records.

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About La Maison Steel

La Maison Steel is the original art, fashion, and tech house launched in 2023. While creating a fashion cure for the Apple Watch® with the SmrtKuffTM, Steel became the first blockchain native and authenticated luxury brand. Led by founder and designer, Nicole Steel, the team spans Paris, Zurich, New York, Chicago, and Palm Beach. Steel’s Icon logo represents its’ philosophy of authenticity, inspiration, innovation, and excellence. All Steel designs are born with a proprietary OnChain Verified process that revolutionizes digital product passports and authenticity. Steel has approximately 150 global utility or design patents and trademarks published or pending. To learn more visit, Instagram @lamaisonsteel @smrtkuff, TiKTok @lamaisonsteel or LinkedIn @lamaisonsteel.