The New Series of Eyewear for 2024: Personalized Street Style

Recently, the brand new eyewear series has been released at Lensmart, in which street-style glasses are the key.

Chicago, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eyeglasses brand Lensmart has launched its street-style collection. In this new collection, Lensmart takes the essence of urban and street style and combines these fashion trends with functionality, showcasing free-spirited, independent charm.

Street-style glasses

Talking about the eyewear trends of 2024 that will work exceptionally well in everyday life, street style must be the one on the list. Rather than being explained by high-end fashion designers, it fully demonstrates the personal style and creativity.

As a professional glasses brand, Lensmart has always been committed to providing updated glasses to cater to diverse fashion tastes. Rooted in the urban vibe and landscapes, Lensmart's glasses bring a fresh perspective to the street-inspired fashion with these street-style glasses.

Not to mention taking the stylish elements such as clear, metallic, or half-rimmed frames, designers also take an exciting step by embracing the vintage and classic elements. For instance, the Sarah glasses gives off classic appeal with the black-spotted pattern, and the Sahana glasses shows off its elegance by its brown tortoiseshell frame.

Personalized everyday accessories

Lensmart clearly knows that street style is not just about the appearance, but also about the soul. To express the fashion trend at its best, Lensmart especially points out the soul of street style: Individuality.

The brand has been paying attention to modern customers and their potential needs, so that it strives to provide more unique fashion choices as a chance of self-expression. Just like Jonny Smith, CMO at Lensmart said, "We understand that eyewear today is an extension of one's personal style. With these street-style glasses, individuals are able to discover their styles and make their own fashion statement without limitations."

Collaborating with influencers and fashion bloggers, Lensmart shows lots of potential looks with street-style eyewear. These captivating snapshots are shared across Lensmart's social media accounts and website, encouraging fashion-forward people to take part in and explore more unique looks.

Why choose Lensmart

Lensmart offers more than just eyewear. Every pair is unique and functional, which means you can guarantee a more personalized experience as you shop for the best glasses. It provides enough customization options for every customer - from frame colors to tint to the type of lens customers prefer. As a result, you will receive the pair of eyeglasses meant to be yours.


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