BTSE Enterprise Solutions Spurs Crypto Market Transformation in Mongolia with Altex Digital Exchange

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BTSE Enterprise Solutions, the white label B2B arm of leading digital asset exchange BTSE, is proud to announce the successful deployment of its advanced cryptocurrency trading platform with Altex Digital Exchange (Altex), a prominent player in Mongolia's digital finance sector. This partnership has culminated in a significant upgrade of Altex’s platform, showcasing BTSE’s commitment to driving innovation in the global cryptocurrency market.

The collaboration with Altex marks a major achievement in BTSE’s mission to empower cryptocurrency exchanges with state-of-the-art technology tailored to complement their growth and expansion plans. Altex’s enhanced platform now features an intuitive user interface, designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders, thereby broadening Altex’s market reach and user engagement within the Mongolian market.

“Our partnership with Altex is a prime example of BTSE Enterprise Solutions’ dedication to empowering players in emerging markets of digital finance. By addressing the unique needs and challenges in these markets, we demonstrate our commitment to nurturing growth and fostering innovation in the cryptocurrency sector,” said Marco Jorge, Director of Business Development at BTSE. “This collaboration goes beyond mere business success; it reflects our resolve to equip emerging market leaders with the tools they need to shape the future of cryptocurrency trading globally.”

Prior to partnering with BTSE Enterprise Solutions, Altex Digital Exchange faced a series of significant challenges with their former service provider, which impacted their growth and user satisfaction. These challenges included:

  • Banking Difficulties: Altex's operations were severely disrupted due to the bankruptcy of a partner bank, causing financial transaction complications.
  • User Interface Limitations: The platform's clunky and non-intuitive user interface deterred potential new users from engaging with their services, hindering market expansion.
  • Limited Trading Options: With only 20 cryptocurrencies available and 3 order types, Altex's trading capabilities were extremely restricted, falling short of meeting the diverse needs of the crypto trading community.
  • Customer Support Delays: Prolonged resolution times for support queries led to customer dissatisfaction and trust issues, further challenging their market position.

This combination of factors made the existing platform untenable and highlighted the need for a robust, scalable solution. Recognizing these limitations, Altex Digital Exchange took a decisive step to partner with BTSE Enterprise Solutions, aiming to rebuild and scale their operations to new heights.

One of the key advancements experienced by Altex, facilitated by BTSE Enterprise Solutions, is the expansion of trading options offered to its users. The platform now supports a wide array of major tokens for spot and futures trading, reflecting a strategic move to align with global market trends and meet diverse investor needs. This expansion is a testament to BTSE Enterprise Solutions’ ability to deliver scalable and flexible technology and infrastructure solutions in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Further elevating the trading experience for its users, Altex’s platform now includes innovative features such as bot copy trading, staking, and a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace. These additions not only enhance user engagement but also position Altex as a cutting-edge exchange in Mongolia’s cryptocurrency market.

"The transformation we've experienced with BTSE Enterprise Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar, CEO of Altex Digital Exchange. “The expansion of our trading options and the overall enhancement of our platform have significantly elevated our position in the market, enabling us to better serve Mongolia’s cryptocurrency traders. BTSE's expertise in providing scalable solutions has been crucial in helping us align with global trends and better serve our diverse investor base."

The collaboration between BTSE Enterprise Solutions and Altex Digital Exchange has established a new standard in Mongolia's cryptocurrency market, showcasing the impact of strategic partnerships and innovative technology on the evolution of digital finance. Committed to empowering clients with advanced digital asset trading solutions, this successful deployment reinforces BTSE's position as a vital contributor to the transformation and advancement of the global cryptocurrency landscape.

Download the case study titled Altex Digital Exchange & BTSE Enterprise Solutions: Pioneering Cryptocurrency Excellence in Mongolia here.

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